Trump wanted to remove PMG Brennan from her post

U.S. Postmaster General Megan Brennan plans to retire in January, officials said Wednesday, following months of complaints from President Trump that the Postal Service was losing too much money and should be charging retail giant Amazon more for package delivery.

Trump had told aides repeatedly earlier this year that he would like to remove Brennan from her post, according to people with knowledge of the discussions.

But officials on Wednesday characterized Brennan’s departure as a normal retirement and said she would assist in the search for a replacement.

Brennan, a former letter carrier who is the first woman to head the postal agency, had resisted Trump’s push to double the rates charged to Amazon and other firms to ship packages — a drastic move that could cost the companies and post office customers billions of dollars.

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President Trump, Fire Brennan now! She has done irreparable damage to the USPS!

Trump snubbed her from the get go….he never invited her to the summits when he first took office… Trump knew she was a fraud with her fake MIT diploma and wanted nothing to do with her.

Former PMG Pat Donahoe had the same exact fake diploma from MIT….a Sloan Fellow economics degree…. I doubt either of these clowns ever darkened a hallway at MIT… I’m sure it was all done online, tests probably taken by other people…it was just a ploy by the postal service to prop up the résumés of these two losers.