Trump supporter says postal carrier defaced her mail with ‘BLM’

A supporter of President Trump says a postal worker wrote ‘BLM’ on her mail.

The California resident, who asked to be identified only as Donna out of fear of retaliation, said video from a security camera shows a mail carrier walking toward her home while carrying mail and also writing something down, according to FOX 11.

Donna has a large Trump flag on her property and said Trump is a “great president.”

“I’m just curious, how many people in this whole neighborhood have a Trump sign and if they do … they probably got BLM written on their mail also,” she told a reporter.

Donna called the post office to report the tampering and said the manager told her that the carrier would be fired. A spokeswoman for the United States Postal Service said the government department would take “appropriate action.”

“We are disappointed to see the actions of our employee and apologize to the customers affected by this incident. The Postal Service is investigating the matter and will take appropriate action to ensure this does not occur again,” the spokeswoman said.

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And we’re going to trust our ballots to these nut job leftists that are going to throw the ballots they pick up from obvious conservative houses in the trash This proves exactly why mass mailing balloting is so prone to fraud. I’ve seen examples from California that the return envelope actually specifies if you’re a Democrat or Republican making it easy for the mail carrier to filter ballots they don’t like to the trash. As a carrier I delivered campaign ads from leftists then I don’t agree with, but I deliver them honestly and faithfully. However ad seen by these… Read more »

Ok calm down there buddy I’m sure you were just an angel of a carrier (back in your day)but what does left and right have to do with it? I get if the carrier wrote that on there the post office should handle it cause it’s unprofessional , but there are liberals and conservatives that work at the post office. Also no one is forcing you to vote by mail, your more then welcome to go down to your local polling location and vote. See it will be okay now just breathe

People should carefully plan for elections to be fair. The postal sevice should be required to postmark all baoolts with a date. Nobody is thinking about much other than money, money, money. Because Americans are so far behind the rest of the world with thoughtful and intelligent planning, Americans will make their own stupid grave.

I think the piece of Trump Trash is lying.

Antifa Scum

And BLM couldn’t give a rat’s ass about this carrier whose going to get fired now… hope it was worth it for her…. maybe she can get a job now being a paid protester for them.