Trump Proposes Cutting Postal Employees’ Pay, Benefits in $100B Savings Package

President Trump has once again proposed a slew of changes to the operations of the U.S. Postal Service and its employees’ benefits, with the White House estimating the plan would save $98 billion over the next decade.

In addition to a renewed push for offering postal employees lower pay and benefits, Trump pushed changes proposed by the task force he created last year. Those include raising prices for mail and packages not deemed “essential,” reducing delivery frequency, outsourcing some mail processing and licensing access to individuals’ mailboxes.

Additional savings would result from governmentwide efforts to require federal employees to contribute more toward their pensions and health insurance benefits. Trump also suggested making specific changes to USPS employee compensation to align it more closely align with the rest of the federal workforce. His task force previously proposed eliminating pay and benefit issues from collective bargaining negotiations, as is the case for all non-postal unions representing federal employees.

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He has to recoup the tax cuts for his rich friends General Strike?

His rich friends as all rich people(includes the left) pay little or no income tax. Why because they live off capital gains a different tax bracket. It’s lower than income tax bracket. This is why you have all the rich saying raise my income tax, they know most people are unaware their money comes from capital gains. Now if you go after capital gains tax remember if you sell your house it’s a capital gain, your TSP account capital gain.

William You may as well cut the crap. Misery loves company, I KNOW but you are NOT shifting your right-wing heart aches and disappointments to the left. You couldn’t count the rich leftists that you know on one hand! So you keep the blame game for someone who doesn’t know any better ! People on the left are not ‘per se” wealthy but they DO have a higher level of logical thinking than those with “altered mentality” !

Politico has a good article on why leftist consider themselves intellectually superior to conservatives.

Yeah, mainly because we actually read the bills, the research studies, and the poll questions and think critically about them, instead of being told how to think and vote by our news stations and religious demagogues. Crazy, huh?

(Not that there’s not morons on the Left, too, but Right-wing talking points are so pathetically easy to call bullshit on, as someone who was formerly conservative, you essentially have to turn off your brain to believe this crap.)

I’m not generally one to think of myself as superior to others, but I WILL say that, in my family, it really is the uneducated people who tend to be tRUMPkins. The glaring challenge of basic English composition is handy in sorting out a bot from a tRUMPkin too. That’s just being honest, it’s almost a cliche, as well as a certainty that his base is going to have the same challenges he does with how to construct a sentence. Generalizations are dicey, of course, and this IS merely a generalization.

First of all, while there certainly are plenty of rich people whose income largely derives from capital gains, there are still plenty of billionaires earning normal income as well. Second, your cautionary note about selling one’s residence is meaningless to most Americans. A couple enjoys $500K capital gains with NO tax implications selling the house they live in.

I wish he would find a job and leave the working class families alone.

Quite a number of postal employees and retirees are veterans (most served in combat for this country). We not take this sitting down!

Cut the pre fund retirement, requirement that the postal service has to pay and problem over. Either that or else he should have pre fund retirement for 75 yrs. on the business he owns and see how long he will remain viable!

It’s funny to see all of the right-leaning working class folks all riled up over Trump setting the screws to them. Republicans screwing over the working class has been going on since Nixon – you’ve been warned for 50 years. Now a bozo like Trump comes out, lacking any sophistication to his dissembling (which is why they voted for him), and he spills the beans on what he really thinks of his working class base. There’ll be no pity from the left – wingnuts *own* this.

Does it not remind you of the Reagan era? I came on as a postal employee during that time, I watched what he did to all unions-APWU’s insurance used to be AMAZING until he screwed with it for NO reason other than to weaken our union, and what happened to PATCO altered the effectiveness of unions nationwide. I watched Reagan and his “trickle down economics “ ruin our economy, and the people he screwed the worst seemed to just worship him the most, particularly older people! It was all in the presence he had-as a level B actor. It’s very… Read more »

Screw him and the ho he road in on.

On raising prices for mail and packages not deemed “essential” , uh, what are nonessential mail and packages?, outsourcing some mail processing, i.e., giving his rich cronies big business opportunities and licensing access to individuals’ mailboxes, for which the people already pay access fees. Winning…

he thinks he is punishing jeff bezos by screwing the delivery people….what a POS

He’s totally jealous of Bezos, who is a million plus times the businessman he’ll ever be. He SHOULD be taking notes, because Jeff Bezos is a total bada$$!!! who didn’t allow tRUMP’s butt buddy at the National Enquirer to make him roll over. tRUMP was probably behind that entire thing of trying to blackmail him to begin with. Interesting, one of them talks constantly about “winning”, while the other one actually DOES it. One of them steps to bullies and calls their bluff and refuses to pay off ANYONE, while the other has a special fund set up just to… Read more »

He needs to stay in his lane . Postal employees do not need their pay cut ! This makes me angry !

He needs to be a postal worker for about a month. Either Xmas, Mother’s Day, or Tax Day (in order of my preference) should be included in his tour of service. THEN let’s see what he goes on about. Tough gig with BONE SPURS, for sure. I’d actually prefer that he do it long enough to at least incur one rotator cuff tear, preferably a very large one.

The work postal folks do is quite strenuous….large packages, large weights,numerous packages each day,75-100 miles a day for rurals and walking 10=20 miles a day for city workers plus dealing with customers who think their mail is all the worker has. Many think it is an easy job….it is not. Weather,driving, walking,carrying, casing, pull downs, holidays, cards, mud, snow, and getting mail at boxes,dogs watching for children, cattle, crazy drivers,deer, working at night during Christmas. Clerks sort mail, run machines,get 1000’s of packages daily and shifts work 24\7 except Christmas. And yes we have veterans, housewives. Cutting pay, outsourcing will… Read more »

Nobody understands the postal office. It’s hard work

Do you really think Trump proposed these cuts because he thinks postal workers don’t work hard?

Like everything he does it’s a move his base loves because Fox has been beating on the USPS for years, because Fred Smith ofvtge Cato institute (and FedEx owner) wants to kill the USPS any way possible.


Why don’t Amazon pay the TAX?

Why dont they cut congress.That would save billions of dollars you need to look and go after the high class and not the middle or low income we struggle enough.

Need to cut military spending. How much revenue does the military create. None! The Postal Service is the only government agency that makes money.

He’s going after Medicare and Medicaid, the miltary, and now the post office workers! He is THE REAL ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE!

Why is President Trump trying to screw the postal employees and screw up the Postal Service. It’s about one of the only government agencies that work. And is self-sufficient. The postal service does not receive any money from the federal government or taxes. But as far as I know for the last 38 years they’ve been taking money away from the postal service and using it at their leisure instead of leaving it alone. The postal service is not his problem the government just needs to leave it alone. Yes the Postal Service does need some fine tuning but not… Read more »

Most people don’t realize that USPS is not funded by taxes, but is required to operate as a business, but, the business is regulated by congress and a board of governors. Every time you buy stamps or ship parcels, you are funding USPS. USPS is in most towns in the county, offer a free form of delivery to everyone, and you can send a letter to anyone in the country for 55 cents, and it usually will be delivered in three days. Try to send a letter through UPS or Fedex for 55 cents! USPS mission is to bind the… Read more »

How can he do that ? We’re not government funded. The post office funds itself.

I personally invite President Trump to shadow me for a day!Hayes

No pay cuts for postal workers. Trump is on the way out. Bye, bye. Ha ha ha