Trump Proposes $97 Billion USPS Savings Package, Including Pay and Service Cuts

The Trump administration is proposing a slew of changes to the U.S. Postal Service’s operations and workforce compensation in an effort it says will save $97 billion and put the financially strapped agency back on a stable path.

The White House included in its fiscal 2021 budget proposal all of the recommendations made by a task force President Trump created in 2018 to put USPS on a better course, saying the reforms would save the mailing agency from an existential threat. Absent changes, the administration estimated the agency would lose $7 billion this year and $8 billion per year through 2030.

As part of the reforms, the administration said, the Postal Service should offer employees lower pay that would put them more in line with other federal employees. The plan also assumed the less generous retirement and health care benefits it proposed for the rest of the federal workforce would also apply to USPS employees.

The Postal Service should have a more flexible rate-setting system, the administration said, enabling it to raise prices significantly on most packages and other services it considers “non-essential.” It should also change its standards to enable less frequent mail delivery and allow the private sector to conduct some mail sorting. The White House plan would give outside entities access to mailboxes and provide new revenue streams at post offices.

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I made $20,000 last year as an RCA. How much lower do you want it? As long has the higher paid folks realize they will cover my medicaid, snap, housing, etc, because I’m already below the federal poverty rate.


How many days as an rca did you work, I’m a city carrier 2nd year and made 48k

In other words make everyone part time like PSE, RCA and pay them less by working them 10 hours a day 7 days a week and the Heath insurance they get is already bad!!

They will NOT get anyone to do this job for less than what they do now. They are lucky people ever stay as it is!

Especially with the crappy supervisors the po seems to accumulate

I agree I work for the post office they worked me seven days straight give me one day off and work with 12 hours a day I’m so over this job

No one is going to carry mail and put up
with management bullshit for 15.00 an hour
with crappy or no benefits.

Yeah I don’t think customers are going to go along with less frequent delivery days. They were having meltdowns thinking they wouldn’t have Saturday delivery.

I am all for eliminating Saturday deliveries. I wrote to tbe post master general seveal years ago suggesting this as a cost saving measure.
Was told to contact the “regional” office. They dont make these decisions so it was a total blow-off

Three day delivery with no Saturday delivery would be sufficient for most customers. More than that is both unnecessary and fiscally irresponsible.

Nobody cares about Saturday delivery. It’s mostly junk mail and many business’s are closed.

“The plan also assumed the less generous retirement and health care benefits it proposed for the rest of the federal workforce would also apply to USPS employees.”
24 years as a rural carrier and my retirement check is $855 a month. Hardly a “generous amount”.

I only get $847 in my retirement check. And I never took any postal health care, so I saved them some money. The only time my retirement check went up is when they stopped taking anything out for taxes after Trump became president.

When they talk about retirement, we as the post office have been paying billions for the military’s retirement that is why we are struggling

I retired from USPS..They just need to work there for a bit before decisions are made..Cut anymore & they won’t have any
workers They should add more services.. Amazon is booming..PO should stop contracting out snow removal / lawn cate give it back to the custodians

I really hope they never do away with the FERS supplement. I retired at 56 with 30 yrs7months as a rural carrier. My body couldn’t take it anymore. I bought back 1yr,11 months of my rca time. I wouldn’t have been able to retire at 56 without the FERS supplement. I don’t think I had another 4 years in me, Amazon was too much for me!

How did you buy back your time? I thought they don’t offer that now?

How did you buy back rca time?

I know of 4 people from the Freeport, Maine PO , that sued the PO for Worker Comp and they all won and a 30 year old had a Heart attack from the stress of working 70 days straight until his heart attack and because of all the twisting and bending in a LLV. This poor guy at 50 has had two vertebrae‘s in his neck operated on twice , Now out on worker’s compensation and 30% of the total PO budget is overtime and probably 15% on worker comp cases.

%100000 correct, I am close to retirement and no way I can add 6 more years.

I did the same thing but i think the supplement is gone we are fortunate we got it when we did.

How were you able to buy back your RCA time? I didn’t think that was available.

RCA time buyback only available if you worked before 1989 I personally have 14 1/2 yrs I’d like to buy back myself. I’ll need 35 yrs for a”20″yr retirement

I will too!!!! 🙁

How did you buy back time?

How were you able to buy back RCA time? If I had that option, I could retire. I have almost 10 yrs as an RCA

I don’t think they will be able to find people to do the job for less pay and benefits either! It’s the hardest job I ever had. So many already quit because of the hours and workload

I agree completely!

If they think anyone will apply for the jobs at USPS with less pay than already is being given and worst health benefits they are mistaken. These jobs are not the easiest and the hours can already be long. This president needs to sit down somewhere and find some business some real business

What kind of pay cut or streamlining is going to be implemented at the top? Is the PMG going to take a cut in pay?

Oh Anna Mae you really think the uppers are going to be given oay cuts? No way as it is we the work force ARE making our paychecks and managements bonuses off of our sweat. Sadly most of upper management has no clue what the work entails and yet they are there to snap out instructions that they wouldn’t be able to do!

True … I love how everyone has to put in their 2 cents in on jobs they have never done. I have been a mail handler , RCA and now a clerk. The job takes a toll on you. The benefits I pay damn near 700 a month. I broke my back and had to have 2 spine surgeries. Which was job related and forced to return with out restrictions. We already get treated like the scum on the bottom of our shoes. So, some pumpkin with tumble weed on his head can say we don’t deserve what we make??… Read more »

Yeah right , what cut ? Half of the postmaster and supervisors don’t have anything to do all day long except babysit , how about that cut ! They are half reason the unions fight , As you know the pm general and others are not effected that’s why it’s easy to say cut , Their health care is free

Good point it doesn’t say carriers will get pay cuts does it?

How about an early retirement offer to employees with 20 plus years service??

Be careful with what you wish for, FERS doesn’t give you a very good retirement plan unless you have used tandem understood how to use fers and tsp. My friend retired from USPS after 25 years and if her she didn’t have her husband’s social she would be SCREWED!

I agree give me some money and i will go,30 pluse years.

Hell yeah! I have just over 25! 53 yrs old and knees are shot! Love to leave now but have to suffer 4yrs 9mo

This prick isn’t going to get anywhere with this Good Luck you Orange Piece of Shit ending my retirement benefits!

I completely agree,maybe he should strap on a mailbag and deliver some mail(he wouldn’t last 1 hour).

Very productive tantrum.

This man is out of his mind or lack there of. Hell if you ask me we need more money…

I would love to see Trump work one day delivering mail and then tell him to work 30 plus years. By the way were taking away your retirement benifits right before your about to leave. Go and work another 10 years!!! Not gonna piss anyone off, right?

So what’s your plan you orange POS? They are losing 7 billion now. It doesn’t matter what he does you sad little trolls will cry about it

We have a no layoff clause in rural contract so suck it Trump

He is trying to keep legs under a broken horse.

I agree with you dude…

I totally agree with you, he can kiss my black ass. He doesn’t know shit about working for a living.

I totally agree

You gots a nasty mouth.

If the republicans take control of both the house and senate, he will!

are you flipping kidding me…We put our live at stake every single day. we have alot more to do then other aspects of the government. We are out on the roads every single day managing thru traffic, weather etc meeting with the public, delivering mail, certified’s, express, packages etc. We have to deal with people who have had their mail stolen. WE ARE THE FRONT RUNNERS FOR THE PUBLIC. If you want to cut cost look to upper management. The Postal Service is SOOO top heavy it’s unbelievable. Look to the Postal Inspectors. In Phx AZ they will only deal… Read more »

They should make everyone 8 hours and pay them for honest work. Give everyone a vehicle, Monday thru Friday schedule for everyone. Then maybe we all can look forward to retirement day.

Monday thru friday? What’s the tuesday after a holiday look like then? 12 trays of DPS and 200 parcels,8-12 hods of fers? what kind of”meds”are you on?

How true your comment is. I was a mailhandler equipment operator prior to my retirement. Do people even comprehend what our facility looked like on a sunday afternoon. Dispatch came to a total halt because of lack of floor space. Now they think cutting another day of service will help? Add to that a Monday holliday. Heaven help the employees who get to dispatch and deliver that mess on Tuesday.

Why don’t you a-holes (congress and such) whom are dreaming up what’s best for the postal service take consessions, to your pay, and benefits. Most of you up there have never worked a hard day in your lives and probably couldn’t function if you had to work for a living. You need overhauled and most of you thrown out!

Term limits on both houses of Congress. No retirement, no after health benefits. THEIR jobs should be public serve only!

He’s nothing more than an idiot! Come to the post office and do one route. And come back on time! With all the packages we have to deliver! With no staff!
Nelson 10014!

The race to the bottom. People think we make a lot of money. I tell them, no, THEY don’t make enough money. Walmart, Amazon, etc employees are underpaid and over worked. Trump’s answer? Cut our pay and benefits so we can apply for snap, welfare, Medicaid. And PS,we wouldn’t be in this sorry underfunded mess if not for that 75 year retirement health prefunding mandate.


Hell no how about cutting managers jobs and pay they get tons of hrs

I thought we were already below fed workers in pay.They get endless raises even if they do nothing.At step 12 we top out forever.Management needs to be cut.We have more and more built in work duties.And for some reason we are always doing work off the clock.

I can’t afford to live in California. I have worked for 13 years and need to work 8 more before I retire.

It’s time for a change before the orange man ruins the USPS. Make sure you vote this year!

That’s the best comment here note his azz out of office I dont know what planet he is living on where he thinks he can continue to take from regular hardworking people theres no CEOs taking pay cuts no upper management period taking pay cuts but we as Americans can cut this current Presidents pay by sending his azz home.

Count me in, Robin!

Yes postal employees need to be out tooth and toes pushing to get his ass out.. We have to start talking to each other so ppl that don’t read and see the bigger picture can get him out

Is he really this stupid?

Yes he is, and I blame his parents.

How about cutting the excess on the administration part of the usps. Why not cut the amount of telecoms management does. Why not trim the power of the union since all those grievances costs buckets of money and doesn’t actually fix any problems. Why not go back to the day and the lpo sort the local letters instead of sending them to the nearest sorting facility. Lower wages no thank you. Without the carriers there wouldn’t be administrators making six figure salaries. How about make congress go back to perdiem wages instead of a six figure salary for 130 days… Read more »

Problem is the old timers making 80k a year to sell penny stamps

Well you work and become a old timer

How much lower are they going smh I barely made 34000 with OT

Good. Post office jobs are almost an entitlement. No one gets the benefits that they do anymore

U must be in msnagement

As with most things Trump, bad idea. Republicons have been trying to kill the Post Office since 2006, when Tommy Delay and boys slipped a poison pill in the Postal Bill.

Terrible Idea….Its hard enough to fit postal deliver items in most boxes…We don’t need other people putting stuff in the box…

Trump can go to hell and I’ll bring him there…

I’m a retired Postmaster Level 19 with 32 years of service. I clear $1,700/month in retirement. Big Whoop! If not for my paying all debt off early and savings in TSP I would never been able to retire.

Gee so sorry to hear how underpaid your retirement is!!! Poor rural carrier at 30 plus years gets half of what you’re getting. I know too well how stupidly the post office pays it’s upper echelon. Let’s have a postmaster come from an office 2 hrs away – paying them mileage and their insane hotel bill!!! There definitely needs to be change but it needs to be at the top. My husband is a carrier and busts his butt every day to provide a service for which he is underpaid and underappreciated. You want to cut pay, start at the… Read more »

Before we look at anything else let’s reduce the retirement,pay and benefits to the Senators as well as Congress,element job duplication in all government offices.lets look at waste fraud and abuse from our so called leaders

Why would anyone who has never done our job think he has a right to do something so degrading to those of us who have worked so hard for so little already. I have worked 25 years for the postal service as just about every non career position you can think of, pmr, casual, te, rca, you name it. You work twice as hard for half as much. Finally as a career employee with 25 years of service only 10 will count for retirement. I’ve had 2 surgery’s for carpel tunnel and now may need one on my shoulder from… Read more »

Wow, this is so damn offensive to people who have neglected themselves and their family for so many years to slave for an organization that gives not 2 shitz about anything other than #s. Gd benefits my Ass, you only get from this job what you put in, management don’t even care to acknowledge when they see an employee is injured, because that would make them have to do what they are being paid to do, and that’s to make a managerial decision which most are not capable of doing. So Mr.Orange take a closer look at where you should… Read more »

Lower pay are u kidding me!!!! You need to go to work as a mail carrier for a while and see the toll it takes on your body and everything u have to put up with!!! We actually should be making more money very hard and stressful job so give it a try trump!!!

How about cutting all this overtime they offer. We could have no mail left to do and they offer EVERYONE on the overtime list more hours. Makes no sense. You could save billions with this wasteful overtime nonsense.

If the PO hires more ppl, the OT would go down/away

Trump can kiss my black ASS, when he takes a pay cut I will too!!!!!

He’s not being paid as the president by his own choice.

He doesn’t take a paycheck, but I do believe that Congress and the senate should take a cut

The Trump Administration have no idea what they are talking about. 1st of all, cut pay, they crazy… Our body goes through all type of physical demands as well as all types of extremities of weather. The USPS ain’t paying enough… 2ndly, our benefits are not top notch Trump. Maybe, you can go without not getting paid for the rest of your presidency… Lastly, Trump can you please go out on my route with me for 3 days. Then we will see if what your talking about makes sense…

It would be like 3 days of count. Take out these 14 trays with 3 letters and deliver them. here are your 4 parcels with no scans. For some reason the boxholders never showed up.

I’m retired USPS employee. After insurance on myself and my wife I get 500 a month retirement. If not for social security I couldn’t survive. Donald Trump should try living on our retirement just like all the Congress we elected.

“CUT THE PAY” man have you lost your mind. I’m one of the Automotive Technicians that work for the postal service. Now you want to make a statement, get the DC management to finally pick one of the company’s who’s trying to sell the new trucks. You been pud pulling for the last two years on picking a company. Dont you think the carriers have suffered long enough. You come down to any of the VMFs and see how we constant putting band aids on those old trucks, so our customers can recieve there mail.

His whole idea is to privatize the profitable parts and the rest would be required to be done by the government meaning rural America. This scheme has been a Republican proposal for decades.

It is not the pay scale that makes people leave, it is the floor managers , the way they treat the employees forcing them to rush deliveries and give the customer bad service so the mangers can make their bonus. It is the letter carrier that delivers the mail in rain,snow,or hail even in flooded streets, management does not get out of the warm and dry office to deliver the mail. Why don’t you start cutting pay at the top going down instead of the bottom? And speaking of benefits, where else can you work for a company fo 30years… Read more »

Get rid of the unions they are killing USPS. As a retired Postmaster. Please check into the ridiculous plans and procedures they have.

That’s interesting Ms. Postmaster. Most stations don’t need postmasters. They should be running 3 offices and have craft do the work. The title postmaster is given wayyyyyyy to easily. If there were no union your salary and benefits would be nonexistent. I’ve seen numerous bosses do ridiculous things and get their jobs back after being out for months with pay!! Stop union bashing. How many people don’t touch the mail yet receive high salaries??? Look that way first.

Unions will not allow management to touch the mail or work the window, not even in small level 18 offices. That is a part of the problem

The House voted Feb 5 to reverse the order to pre-fund retirement benefits. This would take care of most of the USPS debt. Contact your Senator and urge them to help get this passed in the Senate. The options presented are in-roads for privatizing.

I made 33,000 last year as a custodian cleaning up crap. State custodians get more pay then we do. And Trump wants us to take a cut. That is wrong. This is One vote you will not be getting in 2020. Plus Trump is not taking in fact that the prefunded health insurance is no longer going be prefunded which is one of 2 things that caused the USPS to be in the negative, other is usps took their funds to bail out government years ago. You think those funds were replaced, DEFINITELY NOT, HOW ABOUT PAYING THAT BACK TO… Read more »

I already get most of my mail electronically. I’m okay with three times a week for junk mail…

We have 180,000 people who don’t touch the mail. Go after those motherfuckers.

Any postal worker that votes Republican is voting against themselves. I earn every dime I make. I work a machine that should have 27 people with 13. We get the mail out but boy are we broke down at the end of the night

How much more damage will this POS clown be able to do til he’s voted out. Damn the corrupt Repub Senators who refused to do their jobs. Let the voters decide? The voters already decided to put them in office to do their job. Fair and impartial? Give us a break!!! Trump only THINKS he knows how to run a business. So, he wants to run the government like a business. The problem with that thinking is that he ran 6 if his business to the ground. Now he’s trying to run our government in the same direction. Go to… Read more »

Instead of lowering/freezing the pay of those that are actually doing the job, how about getting rid of some of the bloated overhead! Trump obviously doesn’t understand the mail flow, to suggest fewer days for mail delivery. If Trump wants to make things more equal to all the other branches of gov’t, then he should get rid of the part where the retirement fund has to be fully prepaid. Ie putting aside today everything a new hire will ever pull from the fund in 40 year from now. NO ONE does that. Not a company, not a gov’t entity. Just… Read more »

What a slap in the face to postal workers across America! The people rely and TRUST us with bills, checks, statements and expensive packages. We bust our butts every single day. He wants to not deliver mail for a few days HAHAHA he really needs to visit a busy post office for a day and job shadow. There is no way we would be able to do that. This is why pay our dues! We need our union and our union better stand up to this nonsense. The rich get richer the middle class gets screwed all the time. It’s… Read more »

There is nothing you can do about except hope they make some changes before and if it passes. Otherwise look for work elsewhere since your obviously not happy working there anyways.

When they reduce the government that is in Washington pay and benefits then they can talk about cutting ours. I only get a small pension from the USPS and my part of insurance has Increased every year plus my costs of care. I also pay into Medicare. When my husband passed 5 yrs ago my income was cut by 2/3 and for 3 yrs because of Medicare increases I lost income and you have the gall to want to cut our pay and benefits