Trump Opposes Postal Service Funding But Says He’d Sign Bill Including It

President Trump on Thursday attempted to soften remarks he had made hours earlier in which he appeared to confirm that he opposes Democrats’ proposed boost in funding for the U.S. Postal Service because he wants to make it harder to expand voting by mail, claiming his only goal in denying the agency funds is to ensure the integrity of the Nov. 3 election.

While Trump has long railed against mail-in voting, falsely claiming it leads to rampant fraud, during his regular briefing to reporters Thursday, he said he would not veto a coronavirus relief bill just because it included support for the Postal Service. However, he continued to push the unsubstantiated claim that widespread voting by mail would lead to an abuse of the system.

“We want people to vote, but we want people to vote so when they vote it means one vote,” Trump said.

“I’m not doing this for any reason,” Trump said, referring to his push to deny the agency funds. “Maybe the other turns out to be my advantage. I don’t know, I can’t tell you that. But I do know this: I just want an accurate vote.”


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Your fired in November, Don the Con. Go hide in a bunker.

Please I’m not political funding has to be done right don’t just dump money on a sinking ship find out where the holes are and fix it all that money will disappear before u know it let’s work together get rid of bad employees put cameras up at post offices and plants and see what’s going on Stop paying three clerks to do nothing instead pay one clerk waste waste too many friends in management making sure there part time friends get plenty of hours well we are all going to lose our jobs from this waste I’ll stop I’m… Read more »

This is another fat a#s lie. You are not going to do a damn thing, Don the Con.