Trump Needs the USPS If He Wants to Win the Election – Here’s Why

  • Certain conditions have to be met before Trump approves financial aid to the USPS.
  • Postal service employees’ campaign donations are skewed towards Trump.
  • The collapse of the USPS would hurt rural America, a key Trump constituency, the most.

USPS Employees Vote for Trump With Their Wallets

If donations are anything to go by, USPS employees prefer Donald Trump over any other presidential candidate still in the running.

Based on data filed on March 19th, Trump received nearly double the amount than his primary challenger Biden got from USPS employees. Trump received $80,380 from individuals working at the postal service. Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden got $40,322.

The only presidential candidate who received more than Trump was Bernie Sanders, but he has since dropped out of the race. Sanders’ campaign kitty had received over $250,000 as of March 19th.


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