Trump Blasts Amazon for the U.S. Postal Service’s Losses. He Might Want to Blame Congress Instead.

President Donald Trump blamed for the U.S. Postal Service’s losses on Tuesday. He might want to redirect his ire toward Congress.

“The Postal Service has lost billions of dollars a year for many years,” Trump said during Tuesday’s coronavirus task force media briefing. “I’ll tell you who’s the demise of the Postal Service…Amazon or these other internet companies.”

The president was responding to a question about the possibility of stripping billions in loans designated for USPS from the $2 trillion Cares Act, designed to protect workers and small businesses from economic fallout caused by Covid-19.

“They lose money every time they deliver a package for Amazon,” Trump added. “They have to raise prices to these companies that walk in and drop off thousands of packages.”

Trump is only partly right. The post office does report large annual losses, but they have generated positive free cash flow in recent years.


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