Trump blames ‘Democrat’ postal service for loss even though it’s led by GOP megadonor

The president on Friday blamed the “Democrat stronghold” US Postal Service for his election loss, even though he appointed a GOP mega-donor to lead it and spent months undermining the agency ahead of the election.

“Whistleblowers reveal that the USPS is responsible for tampering with hundreds of thousands of ballots,” Mr Trump tweeted on Friday morning, referencing a report to that effect from the far-right One America News Network. “This long time Democrat stronghold got rid of massive numbers, especially in swing states, during and before delivery of the ballots. Well documented evidence!”

He’s likely referencing to a recent story from OANN repeating the claims of Jesse Morgan. On Wednesday, Mr Morgan, who says he’s a postal contractor, claimed without evidence at a press conference convened by a Republican lawyer that he drove a truck full of hundreds of thousands of bogus mail-in ballots from New York to Pennsylvania. The claims quickly went viral, and the driver was retweeted by the president and interviewed on Fox News.

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Pack it up, Trump. Your as# lost fair & square. Your worthless as a president and as a human being. All you have done, your whole life, is blame someone else, for your failures, and your mistakes. Your a con man and a sore loser.

Agree 100%