Trump, beware: Americans have a deep, enduring love for the Postal Service

Our mail system has a 91 percent approval rating, according to a Pew Research Center poll released in April. In these fractious times, nothing has a 91 percent approval rating. Trump might as well have attacked kittens or pie.

The Postal Service appears to produce heightened dopamine levels in many supporters, an ardor that they would never express for, say, the Federal Reserve.

Postal stans rhapsodize about its sprawling history, its enduring enrichment of our daily lives. “I’ve always adored the post office,” says Liza Barrie, a post office advocate in Tappan, N.Y. She even adores “that post office smell that we can all identify.”

Evan Kalish, 33, a millennial super patron in Queens, notes, “There’s a romance to the idea of the post office.”

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