Truckers are behind the scenes of the current mail crisis and it doesn’t look good

The USPS is “gridlocked all over the place” as a historic number of packages flood the system for the holiday season, USPS officials say.

In addition to an “unprecedented surge” in shipping demands this season, the organization has been dealing with cost-cutting measures put in place by Postmaster General Louis DeJoy, and even limited staff due to coronavirus regulations and sickness due to coronavirus. Together, these setbacks have created massive wait times on everything from shipping packages, to first class mail. But USPS customers aren’t the only ones left waiting.

“Sitting about eight hours of the day waiting in line to get unloaded, then we get up there to the dock and we can’t offload because there is no space to put the stuff,” said Terrance Briscoe, a truck driver, to WBAL TV.

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They threw away the political mail they couldn’t get to the offices in time last month, what will they do this time?

They must have thrown away legit Trump vote mails and delivered the bogus mail-ins for Sleepy Biden

Are you serious?!?!

Trump and Putin couldn’t hack the mail ins. They tried their best to.cheat again, but STILL lost. LMAO at the Trumpsters

They knew what votes were for Biden how?.

Awww…the poor little Trumpturd is

I mean that makes total sense, giving that Louis DeJoy, the postmaster general is a Republican Trump donor….seriously, go neck yourself, retard.

Louis Dejoy is a Trump donor and Republicans are running USPS. The only “bogus mail-ins” would be for your boy Trump.

Truth is millions more Americans voted for Joe Biden than for “Sleazy Don”. Time for the Klan to take their torches and go home. You and your candidate really are losers. Bye Don!

Do you work for the Post Office if not keep your negative comments to yourself. Everyone has opinion about something they know nothing about

Are the voting machines made in China too

The PMG was right about one thing, when normal operations demanded overtime to be completed when the time came there was no leftover capacity to surge operations. For COVID or the yearly Christmas season rush.

9 months later no packages.. Thrown off ebay for asking for refunds for undelivered packages… Birthdays, anniversary’s and Christmas now ruined.. Thanks China.. Good to know YOU are no longer suffering!

Ummmm. Pointing the finger at a country that has nothing to do with the damage Louis Dejoy inflicted all to try and help Trump win an election? Are you high or just a natural born idiot?

Absolutely true!

They’re idiots

I hate China products… refuse to buy anything from Facebook which ads most from China. I stick with Amazon package knowing when I’m getting it. I order ebay product and it’s stuck in illnois possible lack of employees due to cvid. So it’s gonna have a slow process

Wtf are you slow? China made it shipped it no problem. Talk to your all knowing political leaders, ask them why your goods sat at dry port for 90+ days it wasn’t China but I bet this wouldn’t be the first time you blamed them either.

I’ve had an app in for cdl a for 6 months and qualified . I currently carry. they full of shit

I work for the PO. Overtime for the non-regulars has been through the roof since before last Christmas. People are working 10+ hours a day sometimes for 30 days in a row. How many of you can lift and carry up to “70 pounds” all day, everyday, for days on end. We are exhausted, our bodies and minds are overwhelmed and beginning to break. I see mass walkouts coming soon. You think it’s bad now, wait until the underpaid workers who, by the way do not get benefits, leave. Yes, you will actually have to go to the store and… Read more »

Overworked? Underpaid? Excuse me? I worked for the post office as a temp and the working conditions were fine and the pay was quite adequate. If ya’ll aren’t happy with your jobs please leave so the rest of us looking for employment/reemployment are able to work there-

Seriously? You worked as a temp so you know how it all works now. Don’t be arrogant. I work for the PO now, and it IS a nightmare. You shouldn’t speak on things you know nothing about.

You’re welcome to come back. But then you are unique and not among those who quit after 7 straight days over 12 hours

Almost every p.o in the country is hiring if you want a job just go apply there starting pay for a sub is around 13.00 he not that great considering the hard work

I feel for you guys,it’s been hell on you.My daughter in law works for USPS. They don’t make the money people think they do. Hope everyone makes it thorough this season!!

Thank Trump. He demanded LeJoy slow down the mail because of mail in ballots.

And he should have

I’m waiting on a package that went 1000 mi, from St. Louis to Harrisburg in 2 days. I’m in York, 30 mi away. It’s been sitting in Hbg for 8 days now! WTH is up with that?

Yup. I got a package from LA to Kentucky in 3 days. And still waiting for a package from Indianapolis now goin on 17 days.

I had a package that was going from LA to Vegas. It went to Chicago, Iowa back to LA finally 15 days later it’s delivered to the wrong address and stolen. PO not responsible so they said.

The mail delivery system is messed up where I live. The PO changed the deliveries supposedly to save money, but the lady at the PO has to work extra hours waiting for the mail to come in.
Packages from anywhere in the US takes weeks or more to be delivered. Simply ridiculous.

Note: I worked for the USPS 1989 -1990,worst job ever. Dumb rules and too much BS.

Mail delivery at 10:,00 pm 12/16/2020
Is that mormal for Dallas Ga 30157?
That is why the postal service will never gain any respect
Poor workers and poor management

Oh my gosh, some poor delivery person had to work into the wee hours of the morning and then start again at 7 the next day and you’re complaining? Be happy you got your mail at all! That delivery person could have stopped at 5 p.m. and everyone can just wait a few more days for their mail. But no, that delivery person was determined to get that day’s mail out on that day. Ungrateful A–!

If you actually read the article, it says that Postal Workers are working TWO eight-hour shifts per day. Since they can’t split themselves into two people, that means they work later into the day. If you don’t want your stuff delivered at 10 p.m., rent a PO box and get it whenever you like.

How can there not be some better solution than for truck drivers to wait for hours. Are they paid by the job or hourly? If by the job the USPS should have to pay them wait time.

Truckers losing money because their trucks aren’t being unloaded so they’re not working.
That is apparently how USPS management sees it.
They’re “not working” because the USPS is keeping their work tools.
I fully expect the trucker’s union will get them both back pay and extra penalty pay eventually (though that doesn’t help at the moment).
I expect truck drivers are unionized and wish I could expect that of more working people.
Is this connected to USPS’s inability to meet hiring demands?
Mistreating workers works how?

Typical Trump short-sightedness spur of the moment political convenience etc etc so glad that idiot is gone. And his supporters rather than actually blame him Will attempt to blame Biden for running and causing Trump to have to cut the post office’s budget so that people wouldn’t mail in their mail in ballots and oust him. It didn’t work. Just for the truth, he would rather do anything to get reelected than take care of the infrastructure of this country. I hear people say well Trump isn’t a politician to which I say capital B capital S. Politicians do one… Read more »

Magazine delivery

My postal delivery person told me that I am not alone in complaining that weekly magazines have not been delivered for two weeks.


Let’s blame it on Trump. Why not because everything is his fault. Take time to research the issue. USPS. has been loosing money since 2006. They have tried on several occasisons to make them more competitive with UPS, etc, such as eliminating weekend deliveries, closing underutilized sorting centers and limited by law as to price increases, but Congress will not allow it, but you all can blame Trump. It’s all his fault…lol

The post office and country have been mismanaged as long as I remember (I am 57). Doesn’t matter who is in charge. Get over it.

All I can say is that since you put Biden in office kiss your jobs good bye cause they will go right back overseas again

“CHINA JOE” Biden has Americas best interest in mind.


Postmasters and superiors above to very top are obviously collecting big paychecks, your tax dlollars, for NOT doing their job. Then, every three to four years they get the Democrats to refund their COMPLETE lack of management( theft by deception). Cost?? Third world government quality by government Glee club and presently demanded Twenty five billion American ” worked for” tax dollars.

It’s not the truckers fault, we just drive, should have a drop and hook program in place, yard jockey should move trailers in and out of docks, loaded trailers in parking slips coming in and rolling out. Simple solution, just rent more trailers, but I guess they just want to make the problem bigger in order to pass a law for more money in order to fill their pockets

I honor the USPS associates and I think we should all think of Little Christmas Jan 7th as a time to celebrate again with gifts that take a longer route to arrival. This would give the USPS several more weeks to move the holiday gifts. I worry about all the pressure on USPS employees – not fair for an incredibly hard working group of Americans.

Almost everyone i know are working
65 hours per week, and its not just USPS. Lets knock off the quarantine crap and get on with it, like Sweden.

I once ran for mayor of a small town,at first they said I won then said other candidates votes were going my tally ,first I had over 200 votes then changed it to 45 votes. .this was on a small scale election.I believe the FBI changed the tally,because I was for legalizing pot.i had over 250 people said they voted for me.I believe this happened on a large scale in the presidential election.ARE THE VOTING MACHINES MADE IN CHINA? Is there a secret switch so the FBI can move votes around.I truly believe there are.