Trio of dogs attack 2 residents, mail carrier in Akron

AKRON, Ohio — Two people went to a hospital with injuries after they were attacked by a trio of dogs.

The dogs also attacked a mail carrier.

It happened Monday afternoon in the 800 block of Reed Avenue.

According to a police report, a woman was attacked by three dogs as she was getting out of her van. She said she fell to the ground and the dogs began biting her on both sides of her torso to her feet.

A man heard the woman screaming and tried to intervene and fight the dogs off. He suffered several bites to his left arm, according to the report.

When the dogs fled, they attacked a mail carrier, biting him on the back of the thigh. The mail carrier used pepper spray on the dogs, who retreated and fled.

The mail carrier had puncture marks on his pants but did not report any wounds.

The woman and man suffered extensive injuries and were taken to Summa Akron Hospital for treatment.

Animal Control captured the dogs in a yard in the 1000 block of Welton Avenue.


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