Treasury agrees to lend Postal Service $10 billion in trade for rivals’ shipping contracts

The Treasury Department agreed to loan the U.S. Postal Service $10 billion in emergency coronavirus relief funding Wednesday in exchange for proprietary information about the mail service’s most lucrative private-sector contracts.

The Postal Service, subject to confidentiality restrictions, will provide Treasury copies of its 10 largest “negotiated service agreements,” or contracts with high-volume third-party shippers such as Amazon, FedEx and UPS, and receive a crucial injection of cash that postal officials say will keep the debt-laden agency solvent for at least another year, according to a copy of the loan’s term sheet obtained by The Washington Post.

The Postal Service contracts with private-sector shippers for “last-mile” delivery from distribution centers to consumers’ homes, and it offers those companies small discounts because of the volume of packages they provide.

(Amazon founder and chief executive Jeff Bezos owns The Post.)

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Shocking that Trump will get what he wants from his hand picked puppet of a Postmaster General. This is only the beginning ! Watch your backs fellow Postal employees !

Well spoken, David.

Well spoken, David!

Why is this a bad thing. We’ve been wondering about those contracts for a long time and now someone other than the USPS can go in and review them. Maybe we will get to see them ourselves. If we are losing money in these contracts then lets rework them.

Or perhaps the postal service has been a slave driver like a “sex slave master Epstein”. Now employees won’t have to suffer for the the screw ups that the union has no choice but to protect the lazy employee! Sound familiar? Resonates with anyone? Identify with a lazy ass employee that you see get away with something that you couldn’t het away with? I’ll wait…

This is so wrong! What would the Treasury want with this information? This Administration of Crooks!

Why? Especially for Amazon we have been wanting that contract information for years. We have always felt we lose money on that contract so maybe now a third party can go in and look at it and see if we actually do. This is actually good for the USPS. They can rework contracts and make money.

EXACTLY correct, but some people can’t handle truth because they are indoctrinated by news media.

Lol…they want to figure out why we are broke !! If they can review those contracts they might see just what a bad deal was made with these companies, especially Amazon, seems kinda funny to me that when we didn’t have Amazon we wasn’t broke, nor did we work over evaluation and make 2nd trips. I’m glad someone is finally doing their job and cares enough to look into it.

Wow and gee thanks! Did you check with Louie Dewey and Don the Con Trump if this loan was OK?

DeJoy and Trump are checking the checker! Maybe you are one of the lazy asses (stealing time on the clock) that the P.O. can’t seem to get rid of because you fill grievances and are blocking a job for an American employee! The greatest job on earth with paid leave that anyone can have!! Not an accusation but this is from a supervisorory observation!

Maybe they will take a look at useless supervisors staring at computer screens with one redundant report after another make work jobs are all they are . Maybe he will realize the waste in middle management is what drags us down . Get paid for 8 only work 4 useless morons

I am with you! They definitely should!

If your so upset by all those “lazy postal workers”, why don’t you quit?

I am not upset at all. I do not work for the postal service and own 2 businesses!

I bet the paper shredders are overheating on L’Enfant Plaza as we speak….this is going to blow the lid off the corrupt Irish mafia of Postmaster Generals and their illegal kickbacks… I hope all three serve time… David Williams and Ronny Stroman have their hands all over this too… that’s why they got out before Brennan left…this is the first step in draining the L’Enfant Plaza swamp…more rats will be jumping off this sinking ship

Is there a requirement that each Postmaster General be vastly dumber than the last one?

You will get it after November 3, 2020!


You are riding the Trump Train and have been paying attention.

Trump and supporters SUCK!

While you are hating, Trump supporters are celebrating!