Town seeks exemption to Postal Service cluster box policy

The Town of Collierville is advocating for continued mail service to individual mailboxes at new single-family homes despite the United States Postal Service’s push for cluster mailboxes.

The Collierville Board of Mayor and Aldermen on Monday unanimously passed a resolution in support of single-family home delivery.

In December 2017, the Postal Service published a mailbox guide for new developments. The guide emphasizes “centralized delivery” — including cluster mailboxes — as the preferred method of delivery due to its efficiency.

As part of its resolution, Collierville is seeking an exemption to the Postal Service’s cluster mailbox policy.

“Collierville is a traditionally single-family residential subdivision, and having individual mailboxes in front of the home has been one of the luxuries of the Postal Service for so many years,” Town Administrator James Lewellen said.


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