March 22, 2023
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Riddle Larry
1 year ago

Of course the unions had nothing to say! They’re looking g for their bonuses too!

1 year ago

imagine what his bonus would have been if he had actually achieved anything positive…

1 year ago

Typical of the post office. How can a company triple what they have been delivering over past years? Corruption. Under the table deals(Amazon) bonuses all around, and incompetent people in charge. At a level 22 office they have three supervisors and a post master. Not a single one knows or CARES what goes on. No idea of how to run a business. PITIFUL

1 year ago

We work ourselves to death while they are getting more $ that should be divided amongst everyone. We are out here delivering out in the dark and we are working late in the offices. Our Union needs to step it up. It didn’t use to be this way until we started delivering Amazon. Now offices can not keep up and no ones pay has been raised due to more work being put on us