This rooster won’t leave the post office and has befriended Heber Springs

HEBER SPRINGS, Ark. – The post office in Heber Springs has become home to a wandering bird.

Photos have flooded social media pages over the last several weeks, highlighting ‘Rufus’ the rooster.

The facility’s postmaster says Rufus has been prancing around the property for the last two months.

“Showed up one morning outside of my office window,” postmaster Briant Derrick says. “Several customers have brought him chicken feed for us to give him throughout the day.”

Employees at the post office gave Rufus his name, and his subtle presence appears to be delivering good vibes to everyone who visits.

Derrick says the rooster has become a conversation starter and turned the post office into a more friendly place.

“We just love him,” Derrick says.

As people stop by, they pump the brakes to let Rufus cross the parking lot, and they wave.

“He’s just all over Facebook and everywhere,”Jared Gillespie says. “People are calling him a therapy chicken and stuff like that.”

The rooster who has become a post office pal has certainly earned this town’s stamp of approval.

“He’s really just become our friend.”


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