Thieves using change of address form to steal your mail

Thieves are apparently stealing mail by turning in a change of address form.

It happened to a Pearl City woman, who turned to our Action Line wanting the U.S. Postal Service to do more to prevent it.

A spokesman for the post office says an official identification is required when you turn in a change of address form. But Kristen Savea says that didn’t happen. She did have to provide an ID to change it back to her real address.

Savea received a change of address notice in her mailbox two weeks ago. It does say, “Open immediately. Do not discard.” But the back side of it looks like a lot of other junk mail we all get. With six kids to take care of, she says she didn’t realize there was that sense of urgency.

“Between homework and showers and dishes and everything else, the mail is just kind of, I’ll get to it when I get to it,” she said.

She opened it a week later and after calling the post office, she learned that someone had diverted her mail to a mainland address.


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I’m surprised more crooks haven’t thought if this. Po is brainless when it comes to security