They call it “Hostage mail”

Dianna Henson moved into a new home on Colston Drive in the Timber Springs neighborhood of Clarksville in March. At the time, she was told it might take awhile to get mail delivery established.

What she wasn’t told, however, was that her mail would not be delivered at all until her developer put in cluster boxes for all new homes in their neighborhood, even though a mailbox was installed by her builder outside her home not long after she moved in.

“I was told by USPS they cannot deliver until there are cluster boxes,” Henson said.

‘Hostage mail’

Henson is among dozens of households on her street — along with many more throughout Montgomery County — stuck in a standoff between the U.S. Postal Service and local developers over a rule requiring all new homes sold in Montgomery County to have their mail delivered to cluster boxes, rather than curbside, as first reported by The Leaf-Chronicle in October.

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This has nothing to do with service,with C-19 we’re at most houses 3-5 times a week for parcels but leave the mail at the cluster box,really?

This is about paying us less.

Intentionally delaying mail delivery is a crime u can fight cluster box other neighbor hoods have and they won the cost of cluster box and maintenance is greater then letting the customer purchase mailbox and carrier delivering now u understand why the post office is going down hill why don’t we investigate who is making money on these cluster boxes and where they work ?

Go to your senator stop these cluster boxes organize stand together elections are coming they want your votes