The US Postal Service will reportedly reduce post office hours to save money

Nationwide, post offices are cutting hours as a way to reduce costs, a new Vice story finds. Hours are being reportedly reduced during peak busy times during the day.

Speaking to union officials and citing local news reports, Vice reports that many postal workers were unaware of the new changes.

“A lot of this has been dropped on us with little or no communication,” Elizabeth Coonan, a steward for the American Postal Workers Union Local 3264 in the Clarksburg, West Virginia area, told the outlet. “The times that they’re slating [the offices] to close is when they do a lot of business.”

Coonan went on to say that in her West Virginia region, 26 post office locations have been required to be cut down from the normal eight-hour workday schedule to under four hours a day. Thirty-one other locations are being made to close during lunch, which is when post offices see the most traffic.

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Please have a system for employees to blow whistle on financial waste without fear of retaliation

You would be surprised at what has been going on clerkssss setting around for hours doing nothing I feel like we are running a social club st our office setting on cell phones doing word search they are part timers they need to be off clock out of building they are causing problems

Yeah right where do you work at?

Please have management send clerks especially part timers home at our office we have three clerks doing nothing doing word search books and playing on phones I feel like it’s a social club send people home once the mail is sorted such massive waste I’m just frustrated with the waste I see on a daily basis and this has been going on for years somebody do something

Your union protects them as part-timers! Stop supporting ur local union as they STILL have to represent the employees!

Clerks who don’t come to work and continually call off and never get reprimanded are the ones costing the PO because they get paid sick pay. Clerk at our station off over a week. Several occasions in the past years they were off for 30 days. One clerk off and is AWOL but still on the PO payroll WTH. PO wasting too much money. And how many supervisors do you need to run a postal station . Sure as hell don’t need 5 smh. and why are maintenance workers allowed to be a supervisor? The PO is just giving away… Read more »

Last edited 2 years ago by Amber

Sounds like you the one running your mouth all the time way are you so worried about them you not paying them so shut up and mind your own damn business and take your ass home shit that’s what’s wrong with people now days always worried about what other people doing what u mad because you can’t do it dumb ass

You sound like you don’t do your job Anthony..sounds like you’re defending yourself! She told you some problems and yet you rip into her!

I agree, I get crammed into a small office with 7 routes after 25 years of service only to put basically a guy who walks off the street to run this 6 hr office at over 20.00 an hr and do about 45 minutes of work! As I bust my you know what delivering packages! Something has to change!

Common cents creates savings; does not impede service. Reality of changing times: pay telephones are past times.

I think the USPS is a wasteful government entity that the Unions have destroyed. The hours should be cut, I think getting mail 6 days a week is unnecessary.

We have a clerk that doesn’t punch in when she arrives and then enters her time into the computer. She is always late and thinks no one sees her sneak in. People have brought this up to her good friend the PM but apparently it’s okay to steal time. When the carriers are out, she sits and plays on her phone a game all day. Because when carriers return she hasn’t processed the mail for the truck or gotten anything done. And the PM who is running routes has to get the mail ready for the truck. I came in… Read more »