The U.S. Postal Service’s Financial Woes and Some Actions That Could Fix It (video)

The U.S. Postal Service plays a critical role in the nation’s communication and commerce. It’s also the largest postal service in the world, delivering an estimated 49% of all mail sent globally. Despite this, USPS faces challenges that threaten its financial viability, which is why it’s on our High Risk List.

Today’s WatchBlog post and the video explore these challenges and potential actions to address them.

The cost of universal service

USPS is required to provide universal service, delivering to the entire U.S. population—including remote areas that other delivery services exclude because serving them is not profitable. To achieve this reach, USPS maintains the largest physical and logistical infrastructure of any non-military government institution.

USPS has taken some steps to reduce costs of mail delivery activities, but it doesn’t have the authority to make certain other changes that could reduce delivery costs. Specifically, USPS must deliver 6 days a week and operate postal facilities across the country.


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