The U.S. Postal Service Is Trying To Figure Out Why Trucks Keep Catching On Fire

Has the iconic mail truck we’ve all come to know outlived its time? As videos of the trucks bursting into flames continue to surface across the country, that’s what the US Postal Service is trying to figure out.

Basically, aside from switching to a brand-new mail truck, the U.S. Postal Service has no real solution for the problem. It’s reported that at least 120 delivery trucks have caught fire within the past five years however, nobody can figure out why. If these trucks were commercial or passenger vehicles, there would be a recall out by now.

There has been at least one injury, a letter carrier burning his hand, linked to the fires. Naturally, safety is the main concern. Safety advocates say the ongoing fires are an increasing public safety hazard


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They alreadt know! They dont care if someone dies! Plastic components in fuel line fuel pump dont last forever. The trucks are thirty years old. Heck my brakes totally failed today

Guess I am the only one that can figure it out. The gas line gets old and leaks on the manifold which is hot and when the carrier stops the truck and no wind BOOM you got a truck on fire ????. Post office knows it cost to much to retrofit a whole fleet of OLD trucks. It’s a net sum lose. Money is more important than people, I guess.

True about the exhaust hitting the fuel line… also when the transmission and motor oil leaks on the motor without being repaired properly then another fire hazard exists

Don’t forget the rain dripping on the fusebox.

Yep and a safety hazard for slips trips and falls. Wet shoes too because the floor board gets wet.

They made really nice aluminum covers that just go over the top, like a little canopy, to keep the water from running down into the fuses. lol. Don’t fix the leak tho…

We can send man to the moon,(50 years ago), but the federal government and the USPS can’t figure out how these trucks are catching on fire ????. Boy the USPS is I’m DEEP trouble.????????????

I believe it starts right where the fuses all are the our conventional oven fan runs and if you have ever seen sparks after the red hot wire melts from too much volts amps what ever you call that is plugged into a fuse that is already being used I assume it is a overload mine personally melted 3 times and blew the closest fuse next to it and shorted out 2 new fans that had been replaced with in 4 months. I expect my truck to catch fire so I am very cautious while working Just saying be careful… Read more »

The drive shaft fell out of mine yesterday and almost caused an accident. Had the accident occured, I’m absolutely sure they would have blamed me!

Because the VMF doesn’t care. My company car was a Ford Taurus and one day the engine suddenly accelerated on me. Fortunately, I was sitting at a stoplight at the time and had my foot on the brake. The problem stopped when I shut off the engine and restarted the car. When I reported it to the VMF, they said they knew about the problem because it happened to other Tauruses in the fleet. Gee, thanks for letting me know. One would think that the VMF would have called in any Tauruses to fix the problem but nooooooo.

Cuz it’s hot AF out here…smh

The trucks are very old. The engine and all the components get over heated with normal operation. The trucks are not insulated so the hot air blows directly on the carrier which makes the temperature in the truck much hotter that the out side temperature of 98 degrees or more. So I am surprised a carrier has not self combusted like the trucks.

Measured 127 degrees, heat gun pointed at floor next to the seat. Hot air rises ya know. Will melt box of candles on the floor, don’t ask.
Here in the northeast, they replaced frames on the S10 LLV’s. Whatever insulation over the muffler etc., that may have been there, probably got tossed.

Duh. They’re old and need replaced. Don’t waste time and money trying to figure out what we already know.

Need to hire a engineer from GM that is familiar with S10’s and the old Iron Duck engines.

I was a letter carrier for 13 years when the LLV have been introduced they were supposed to bethe best…far from it!!!Besides having the fuel situation they were also known for having faulty wiring harnesses I had 2 go on fire while I was driving. Since then I know of 15 more cases but these were never put on recall due to the fact that so it was a government contract and we can just spend money for nothing and they wonder why we’re having problems financially.

Got mine back from an oil change the other day, but still sent me out on the road with steel wires fully exposed in both my completely bald rear tires. They just don’t care. They are over 30 years old and have only been patching them up enough that they barely run. The post office preaches safety and will definitely hold you responsible if you have a violation, unless it’s them blatantly violating safety and sending you out in dangerous situations and/or equipment.