The U.S. Postal Service Finally Released Postmaster General Louis DeJoy’s Calendars — Almost Completely Redacted

The U.S. Postal Service released Postmaster General Louis DeJoy’s calendars Tuesday in response to an American Oversight Freedom of Information Act suit. But almost every meaningful bit of information or content in the calendars was redacted.

USPS initially rebuffed American Oversight’s request for DeJoy’s calendars by claiming they were personal rather than agency documents, despite the fact that the records are maintained on government computers — and that such calendars of public officials are routinely released in response to FOIA requests. In September, American Oversight sued, and the next month USPS agreed to produce the records.

The calendars cover mid-June 2020 through just after the general election. During that period, the Postal Service was struggling to adjust to the pandemic-related crush of mail and facing questions about whether decisions by DeJoy that reduced USPS capacity were motivated by President Donald Trump’s attempts to undermine voting by mail.

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