The Reckless Push for Electric Vehicles at the U.S. Postal Service

As Democrats regroup and forge ahead with plans to implement components of the Build Back Better legislation killed by Senator Joe Manchin, calls for the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) to be given billions to electrify its vehicle fleet are likely to soon reach a fever pitch.

USPS is a high-profile, well-regarded institution through which progressives want to unveil new programs. Progressives pulled out all the stops to provide USPS with electric vehicle funding in 2021 and will likely double down in 2022.

Republicans and fiscal conservatives in Washington, D.C. should push back hard. Electric vehicle subsidies for USPS epitomize what is wrong in Washington, D.C. and how proven, time-tested financial restraint and related guard rails are being eviscerated.

USPS needs a new delivery vehicle fleet, and it has been on the path to purchasing the vehicles long before Build Back Better was ever conceived. After years of study, USPS announced on February 23 that it was purchasing 50,000 to 165,000 next generation delivery vehicles over the next 10 years.


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Postal delivery vehicles have short, predictable daily routes and can easily be recharged while parked overnight. They are exactly the type of vehicle that should have went all electric years ago, I’m glad to see it’s finally happening now. The savings from not having to buy gas and reduced maintenance needs are enormous, I drive one privately and save $2000 every year. The post office can’t afford NOT to go electric and lock in these savings ASAP.