The Postmaster General Tells USPS Employees to Keep Upcoming Workforce Changes ‘in Perspective’

As USPS prepares to roll out its plan to consolidate some operations away from post offices and into larger facilities, Postmaster General Louis DeJoy has delivered a message to employees to think of the efficiencies for the agency ahead of their own inconveniences. He also stressed that employees will report to nicer buildings with improved equipment, making their work days more pleasant overall.

“I realized that change is never easy, so I don’t want to minimize it,” DeJoy said in a recent video message for all employees. “However, I do ask you to put the changes that might impact you in perspective since I can assure you that the changes we are proposing are vitally necessary, and will significantly improve the long term prospects for the Postal Service as a great American institution.”

The changes, expected to begin at a select few pilot facilities this month, will mean letter carriers no longer go to their local facility to pick up mail for their route, instead traveling farther distances after starting at a consolidated location. The impacted post offices will still conduct their retail operations, but a lot of the back-end functions will be stripped away and relocated. Many clerks will have to relocate to new facilities and some postmasters could be out of a job or forced to find a new one.

“For some of you, this might mean you have to travel a little further to get to work,” DeJoy said. “But when you get there, you will have nicer facilities and better equipment, and you will be personally contributing to the transformation of the United States Postal Service.”

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It’s is destructive of the connection between the federal workers delivering the mail as a service to the citizens of the country and those citizens and the towns the postal employees serve. It is intended to turn the employees into worthless cogs in a machine, and it is just another example of how the so called increased efficiency will as every other increased efficiency plan reduce the quality of actual service to the citizens.

Efficient. Somebody needs to look up the meaning of this word. Efficiency takes into account all aspects of the job to be done. You seem to forget that there are a set amount of daylight hours. 75% of carriers are already working at the edges of sun up and sun down. When it gets dark delivery take 2-3 times longer. Humans can’t read in the dark. Accidents go up because we can’t see uneven ground or dogs coming at us etc. Speaking of safety – The llv’s aren’t fit to be driven in daylight much less in the dark or… Read more »

This is a link to a town meeting about this. The APWU prez was bringing it. The local NALC prez would not show and is for it for some strange reason.