The Postal Service’s Short-Sighted Vision for its Future

USPS Postmaster General Louis DeJoy released the Postal Service’s promised 10-year strategy with a press conference on Tuesday, March 22. While he touts it as a plan to cut costs, increase revenue and modernize the national institution, the reality is likely to be the opposite.

We’re extremely disappointed with the details and the lack of transparency leading up to the release of the plan earlier this week. Like most in the industry, we see clearly that his strategy is to lower service standards so he can meet them, raise the price of postage to levels that will result in lower mail volumes by driving away his biggest mailers, and increase USPS costs unnecessarily.

This isn’t reform — this is redefining what success looks like so the Postal Service doesn’t have to fix anything or improve in any area.

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Or just reality . You are never going to beat the machines accuracy . If the weather is bad its bad for everyone . Why try to beat the other guys service at half the price . At least charge 75 percent . PO claims to loose money . A lot of times When delivering express by noon go by box at 3 and item still there . Why send a second truck from the plant extra when one goes out in 3 hours empty . Why have a PO a mile away that does no business is not handicap… Read more »

I propose eliminating 3rd bundles and requiring marketing mail to be in letter format and sorted in the DPS. How much time/energy is wasted delivering junk. The Post Office doesn’t equate human fatigue and stress into their numbers. Im not going to be as fast when I’m delivering in a mail truck without AC, overloaded with junk, and going on my 8th straight day of work. How much does this excessive work contribute to turnover and call outs? The delivery of flats and non-profit envelopes in all various shapes and sizes is ridiculous. Please make the job easier not more… Read more »

Junk mail is the only reason you have a job. Just sayin’…

You don’t understand business dynamics.

Bulk mailers don’t want their costs to go up. Big shock, that. The fact is bulk and non-profit rates have been subsidized by other classes of mail for decades and they don’t want that to stop.

Eliminate junk Mail, charge Amazon what we should be charging, eliminate needless management positions (90% is a good start). Easy to implement these changes and begin to move the USPS toward breaking even.