The Postal Service Is the Most Popular Federal Agency in America. Let’s Massively Expand It.

For most of its 244-year existence, the United States Postal Service (USPS) was widely considered as an innovative powerhouse binding the American experiment together. Alexis de Tocqueville, the French diplomat who toured America in the 1830s, called it a “great link between minds.” During World War I, the post office teamed with the Department of Agriculture to institute a “Farm to Table” program to help distribute produce and other nutrient-rich foods across the country. Today, USPS stands as Americans’ favorite federal agency.

Since the 1970s, however, a combination of financial woes and political attacks have wounded the post office. What would it take to return USPS to a pioneering force capable of addressing our country’s multiple crises? Why not leverage the nearly 250,000 letter carriers and over 30,000 post offices that blanket all 50 states for more than just mail delivery? Why not expand the workforce and presence of the American public’s most favored government agency?


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Innovative? Really?? Maybe 100 years ago, today USPS is operating as though it’s still the 1950’s.

Don’t you love propaganda

Who the hell wrote this delusional article?…CFO Joey Corbett?…the same clown that keeps espouses that the USPS uses no tax dollars?…. Hello!!!!the USPS needs a $200 billion dollar taxpayer bailout!!!…it doesn’t need to expand it’s services….

You know nothing. Including the use of the possessive its. I’d say educate yourself on the prefunding mandate that is bankrupting the USPS: a siphoning of funds that no other federal agency or ANY business for that matter would dream of implementing and that threw the USPS under the bus over a decade ago but pretty sure you’re a troll.

There is, and never was, a bailout. That’s fake news. “No tax dollars” is still accurate. Paper deficits because of impossible pre-funding mandates are why you have been deceived into believing there have been tax bailouts where none exist.

We are still a great and neccesary operation for the American people, we’ve just lost our way. Too much time making numbers and not enough engaging in the ONLY thing that will save us….our people. The customers need to matter above and beyond all else and then craft employees who make the whole thing possible. Without them this business is finished. We have it backwards with this strongarm “top to bottom” approach. We will be saved through extreme humility and turn the table of priorities “bottom to top”.RESPECT the sanctity of the mail, EXCEED the customers’ecpectations, BE GREATFUL for the… Read more »

We could do so much. Portable voting. Postal banking. That Farm to Table program could be great for the food deserts where there are only bodegas or Macdonald’s! (Or nothing at all.) We need to deliver weed too, before Amazon does????????