The Postal Service is subsidizing Jeff Bezos’ quest to turn Amazon into a delivery machine that competes with UPS and FedEx — but the USPS can’t break up with Bezos

Servicing the densest areas is a way for Amazon to keep costs low. But, it threatens to bleed out the USPS, which has the legal imperative to serve all US addresses — even the low-margin, low-density rural neighborhoods.

Hottovy of Morningstar estimated that delivering a packages to a rural home over an urban home costs Amazon anywhere from 1.5 to 4 times as much. “Amazon was able to reduce their cost quite a bit by going to the USPS,” he told Business Insider. “In rural markets, it’s exponentially that much more expensive.”

As long as the USPS is around, Amazon won’t deliver to rural areas unless it’s profitable. Hottovy said Amazon won’t likely deliver to rural areas until drone delivery, which may make rural deliveries cheaper, is a reality.

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Pure rubbish, propaganda from the Trump administration and his crony at the Postal service.