The Postal Service is slowing the mail to save money. Critics say it’s a death spiral

Kevin Yoder is a former Republican lawmaker who leads a new group called Keep US Posted, which is made up of mail users like greeting card companies and small newspapers. He calls this a “key moment” for the Postal Service.

“It’s one of America’s most trusted institutions that Americans rely on every single day in this country,” Yoder says. “And this is an essential service that we think many of us have taken for granted, and it’s facing challenges now and it needs our help.”

One thing that would help, Yoder says, is for Congress to pass the Postal Service Reform Act, legislation that would eliminate the requirement the Postal Service prepay its retirees’ health benefits, which would save the agency an estimated $46 billion over 10 years. The measure has bipartisan support but has not been approved by either chamber.


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Less mail+ less workers+ more supervisors and more managers to micro manage non civil service tested employees for peanuts.
You will see you get what you pay for very soon..