‘The Postal Service is destroying its brand,’ says president of Postal Police Officers Association

It’s an alarming trend that is happening across the country. Mail carriers are being robbed and people are having their mail stolen. The Postal Inspection Service is the investigative branch of the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) that looks into these crimes.

  • Postal inspectors are criminal investigators, while postal police officers are uniformed cops, that, as of 2020, protect buildings instead of mail and postal workers, Frank Albergo, president of the Postal Police Officers Association, said.
  • Since the postal police force stopped patrolling, there has been an “explosion in mail theft and attacks on carriers,” he explained.
  • Postal police officers can devote all of their resources to mail theft prevention and the protection of postal employees, unlike regular police officers, Albergo stated.
  • Albergo is hoping the new Congress introduces a mail theft prevention bill that would restore the postal police authority, increase penalties for mail theft and possibly include funds to update technology.

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Frank Albergo, president of the Postal Police Officers Association,.. So your currently 350 member strong force (nationwide) will solve the mail theft and robbery issues nationwide by patrolling and educating. In order for this to even be effective they would have to increase their number for 350 to 5,000 to 10,000 officers, and this is never going to happen. Albergo loves to say the mail theft and robbery increase is because the USPS cut them from patrolling and doing their jobs. I can only extrapolate that Albergo is saying that the current US police force (City/State and Postal Inspectors) don’t… Read more »

I need help. I was hired back into Post Office as a clerk after 18 years of caring for my child and have been treated terrible in every Station I have been assigned in Austin, Dale and Fulshear Texas. I am an excellent employee and a very hard worker. This simply hurts my heart. I was a Postal Police Officer, 14 years. started in Los Angeles and ended in Houston in 1999. I resigned with many awards and accomplishments. I just need help with retirement at this point. Everyone I speak to HR is condescending and unable to help accomplish… Read more »

“Extrapolate?” “Spurious?” “Bravo sierra?” Check out the big brain on Max! Those sound like Larry Katz word vomit–Larry being one of the many retired postal inspectors who continue to suck at the financial teat of the Postal Inspection Service via lucrative post-retirement contractor gigs.

Retired Postal Inspector Max — it is obvious that you fail to understand the simple law enforcement concept of hotspot policing. When there’s a spike in crime in New York’s transit system, does NYPD put a cop on every subway car or does NYPD strategically deploy officers to specific hotspots? Hotspot policing is proven to be highly effective in deterring crime in the hotspots and surrounding areas. And Max here are the stats that you requested. These are from the only in-depth USPIS field study which measured the effects of postal police patrolling activities coupled with the concept of “community… Read more »

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