The Postal Service Doesn’t Want You To Know Where Its Worst Drivers Are

The United States Postal Service Inspector General won’t release the locations where its auditors found egregious fleet safety violations, citing a rule protecting “trade secrets … which, under good business practice, would not be publicly disclosed.”

The material in question is certainly not a trade secret. In 2012, the Inspector General’s office investigated whether managers at 23 postal service regions were regularly assessing the driving records of its delivery workers, many of whom operate large trucks under enormous pressures to deliver through rain, snow, and gloom of night and against myriad competitors.

The audit found that none of the regions’ managers “completed the required minimum [safety] observations” of drivers. Seven regions did not do any safety observations at all. And only two regions did more than 60 percent of the required safety assessments.

But the report was redacted, so it is impossible to know which regions had the worst records. On May 8, Streetsblog requested an unredacted version so that we could independently assess which Postal Service regions were completely ignoring safety, which were mostly ignoring safety, and which were making at least a decent effort to assess its employees’ driving records.

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Here I thought the OIG was I independent of the USPS. Explains why they half-assed my reprisal complaint.

Bet one of em is in eastern NC where carrier flipped not one but 2 vehicles w last one being in a school zone. Our great union fought to give her job back to her after being fired. So ur safety talks don’t mean a damn thing anymore if u can EXCUSE this behavior!!!! She wasn’t back from one accident before flipping 4 to 6 times in front an elementary school. What if children and parents packed that road and she had been 2 hoirs earlier. Oh.. YOU DONT CARE. YOU SEEN THE VIDEO and still let her drive these… Read more »

The VMF won’t even tell you if the vehicle you’re driving is unsafe. At least they didn’t tell me about sudden acceleration problems even though the VMF manager admitted that she knew about it.

USPS cares about safety so much that when anything happens, it’s always the carriers’ fault.