The Post Office’s Great Mail Slowdown Is Hurting Small Businesses

Packages that used to take no more than three days to get delivered are now being delayed for weeks. “Our hands are tied,” one letter carrier told Motherboard, “and we are constantly set up for failure.”

But in recent weeks, Tintes can no longer defend the post office. He estimates one in five packages are not reaching their destination on time. And they are not delayed by a day or two like before. Entire batches of packages go missing for weeks inside a USPS distribution facility or are routed to the wrong part of the country. On Monday, Tintes received a package from a customer in Miami sent via priority mail (typical delivery time of 2-3 days) that was three weeks late. Express mail, which used to take a day to get delivered, can now take a week or more.

“Currently, I think my biggest concern is being able to maintain the super fast processing my company is known for,” Tintes wrote. “If we lose the ability to quickly process orders we will lose customers very quickly.”


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This is a result of trying to eliminate overtime but rather COVID hit staffs. Those districts that are most behind are mandating 12 hour tours for their healthy workers