The Post Office Is Getting a New CEO. Here’s What Could Change.

Megan Brennan is retiring after a 33-year career that she launched as a mail carrier in Pennsylvania, and capped with five years as CEO of the United States Postal Service. A new postmaster general will take over in 2020.

Investors may want to think about who picks that person and what changes the new boss might pursue. Any change in strategic direction at the Post Office has implications for parcel shippers—such as United Parcel Service (ticker: UPS) and FedEx (FDX)—as well as e-commerce and maybe even banking.

“The board of governors set the strategic direction for the postal service,” Brennan said Thursday morning on the Post Office’s fiscal fourth-quarter conference call. “The five governors we have…have the business acumen, the experience, the knowledge to do that.”

The current governors have all been appointed by President Donald Trump. That fact, however, doesn’t mean they will choose someone with radically right-leaning, free-market principles, to run the place. There is a mandate to balance political ideologies on the board. Three of the current five governors have conservative histories. Two have Democratic leanings.


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Hopefully new PMG will be able to reverse much of the damage Brennan has caused!