The New USPS Mail Truck Might Look Like a Duck, But it’s a Better Design

The United States is revamping its iconic Postal Service delivery truck, and people have thoughts. Lots of them. The new design, which features a squat front end and an enormous windshield, has been compared to ducks, Pixar’s cartoon cars, and illustrations by children’s book author Richard Scarry. It’s true that it’s pretty silly looking, but there’s a good reason for every aspect of the new design.

Among other things, the tall, boxy design gives drivers more visibility on the road, enhanced braking and traction control, a collision avoidance system with audio warnings, more overall comfort, and increased cargo capacity.

As usual, the steering wheel will be on the right so mail carriers can simply lean out the window to access curbside mailboxes. The drivers will also enjoy air conditioning, a sliding side cargo door, a walk-in cargo area with cab access, back-up cameras, a 360-degree camera, blind spot warnings, and bumper sensors. The lower chassis makes it easier for mail carriers to get in and out of the truck all day. Interior photos aren’t yet available, but it looks like drivers might be able to stand full-height inside, which would also be easier on their bodies. The larger cargo area will be more comfortable to navigate, making it easier to organize the many packages Americans order these days.


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Hopefully the contract for these trucks will be nullified and reissued under proper oversight.

It would have been said by the losing district’s member of Congress no matter what vehicle was chosen. Now it is just a matter of trading votes on something else for the contract.