The Nationwide Trucker Shortage Has Hit the Postal Service

For the past week, a group of truckers known as the “Freedom Convoy” has circled the Capital Beltway outside Washington, and begun to venture into the city. Perhaps some of the truckers might consider stopping off and filing a job application at the U.S. Postal Service while they’re in town. USPS, like other employers of truckers, is looking to hire.

“The ongoing national truck driver shortage is…hugely consequential to postal operations,” the Postal Service inspector general’s office recently reported. USPS has been short about 1,000 drivers in its Postal Vehicle Service for several years. The vehicle service, along with private-sector suppliers in USPS’s Highway Contract Route system, handles mail between postal facilities that are less than 300 miles apart. Long-haul routes of more than 300 miles are handled exclusively by HCR contractors.

So far, the vehicle shortage hasn’t had an impact on service, postal officials say. But it has put more stress on the existing trucking workforce.

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You want drivers… offer what they will accept as proper compensation for what they are worth.. Anything else is a fools errand…

Contract the work out and make all carriers career and go back to table 1 wages. No one is going to be slave for poverty wages and no work place rights.

Maybe when the post office decides to quit paying chump change for TTOS you might see more drivers wanting to come and stay, but when drivers see how much UPS and FedEx is paying their drivers to start it’s a no brainer ! 24.00 at Post Office versus UPS and FedEx at 32.00 hr to start that’s why you don’t have drivers flocking to the post office. Plus the fact that when they do come to work , management treats them like crap and makes a new driver think twice in staying. Maybe you need to revamp your management skills… Read more »