The Mercedes-Benz eSprinter Electric Van Could Be the Answer to the US Postal Service’s Woes

The USPS has delayed their decision on a new delivery vehicle—which was recently delayed yet again—that even the proposals that are still in the running sound either outdated or a bit iffy. Ford and Oshkosh are offering a traditional internal-combustion-powered van, and there’s a plug-in hybrid van that’s been put forth by longtime USPS supplier Morgan Olson and its partner Karsan. The lone EV of the bunch is from startup Workhorse, who is partnering with fellow startup Lordstown Motors after their initial partner VT Hackney backed out of the deal.

While there are legitimate concerns over the newness of EV technology, the eSprinter is the electric version of Merc’s bare-bones work van. It’s more on par with fairly reliable simple EVs tech-wise than a luxury car with all kinds of bells and whistles. As Consumer Reports summed up when they downgraded a lot of luxury EVs, it’s the more complex ones that suffer from more reliability issues—not so much the simpler vehicles like the Chevrolet Bolt or the Nissan Leaf. With fewer moving drivetrain parts to fix and a few more years to work out the kinks, the eSprinter could be a viable choice.

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