The impact of the coronavirus on mail delivery services

Bart Green, a postmaster in Columbia, said there have been no local delays in mail services that he is aware of.

“As of right now we haven’t been made aware of any impacts to the postal service so headquarters out in Washington D.C. monitors that very closely with the CDC,” Green said.

Green said the last time he remembers any delay in services was around the time of 9/11.

“Years ago, the Anthrax, right after 9/11 was the only thing that really impacted us where they overhauled things with the mail stream,” Green said.

Green said in the meantime corporate mail services have been in close communication with the Centers for Disease Control.

“They’ve sent us things you can do to take preventative measures,” Green said. “Washing your hands, we have masks available for the employees if they have a concern about it.”

According to the CDC’s website, there is no reason to feel at risk of contracting the virus through mail or packages.


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Please quit making the corona virus sound serious as it is NOT if you are a healthy person. Its a COLD/FLU for God sakes!! Im in Thailand and my husband had it. It took 6 days to get out of his system. Yes, its respiratory so if you are at risk, then care for yourself! Please dont hype up the USPS like this….wow!