The anxiety and fear levels are real’: Phoenix-area postal workers face challenges amid COVID-19 crisis

PHOENIX — United States Postal Service workers are up against much more than rain, sleet or heat to perform their duties these days.

Joe Cuccinotto, President of Phoenix Metro Area Local, a branch of the American Postal Workers Union, said the coronavirus pandemic poses many challenges for the 1,800 postal workers they represent.

“COVID-19 has been very difficult times for our workers. We just lost the Phoenix Postmaster and have many others out sick or recovering from COVID-19,” Cuccinotto said.

Humberto “Junior” Trujillo, Phoenix’s first Hispanic Postmaster, died from COVID in July, his family told 12 News. Trujillo was hospitalized for weeks before he passed away.

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The union, which includes clerks who work at the windows and sort mail, maintenance workers, custodians, and tractor-trailer operators, is working with the Arizona New Mexico district office to make sure there are enough PPE and cleaning supplies available, Cuccinotto explained.

“We keep our fingers crossed every day that our positives go down and our members’ health improves. Very stressful times inside the distribution centers where social distancing is not available to many employees,” Cuccinotto said.

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