Testing the USPS Again: NBC 5 Uncovers Postmarking Issues and Delays in DFW

Following up on a report we did in August, NBC 5 Investigates is again testing the United States Postal Service to monitor mail delivery ahead of the November presidential election.

Letters sent from two post offices in two different North Texas cities led to two markedly different results where mail sent from Fort Worth arrived faster than letters mailed from Dallas to the same destinations on the same day.

In August, we sent letters from a post office in Dallas to locations across Dallas-Fort Worth and to our friends at other NBC stations nationwide. They sent us letters too, more than 150 in all. About 88% of the letters arrived within the 1-3 days the post office promises between most major cities.

This month, we expanded our test to include more letters going between more cities, this time sent on Friday, Sept. 11 from post offices in both Fort Worth and Dallas.

From the Fort Worth post office, it took only two business days to reach Chicago, Los Angeles and New York. From Dallas, it took six days for our letter to get to Chicago and five days to get to LA and New York.

Even letters sent from Dallas to Grand Prairie and to another address in Dallas took five business days from the Dallas post office.

When the letters arrived, we noticed something odd — the letters were not postmarked until Monday, Sept. 14, three days after they were mailed.


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Try Ga. I have mail dated back to May, that is just being delivered. I had a gas bill that got sent back bad address sent back to me in Sept that I mailed in August. All were sent to FLA. From here

I had an order reach a post office in Columbus, Ohio on Sept 14th and there it set until I started complaining to the the Company it was sent from. Was notify to day it’s being deleiver to me today on Oct 2nd. Columbus is about 2hours away from me!That’s 18 days!

Yeah, when it gets to Florida, it just sits there if it’s delivered at all

You’re lucky…I sent a package over 2 months ago and it has not arrived yet, they said it’s still in transit..maybe it’s on the way to the moon a few times over.

It s too bad people are so insecure that they feel they cant let things take normal process, but need to cheat. Shame on those who participated!

Go back and put your head in the sand.

How many million dollar sorting machines did DeJoy have removed and destroyed in Texas? There is where you’ll find the answer to your questions.

my carriers like to throw my prescription meds onto the busy rural road.Road is paved improved with a higher traffic volume.I just hope no one will go on a bad trip.I have called several times to the person in charge at the PO, but the problem continues, a pickup at PO slip is better than the ground UNDER my mailbox which is located on the shoulder of the roadway.

Then you need to call your if your meds are being tossed under your mailbox. I also encourage everyone to get a bigger mailbox so it can be more convenient for your carriers to get your mail and pkgs to you faster.

Our mail carriers here are outstanding. I am sending many birthday cards this month. Will be interesting to track.

Why can’t people give credit when the post office does good.