Tester demands USPS boxes back in Bozeman

U.S. Senator Jon Tester fired off a letter to the head of USPS demanding collection boxes at four separate sites in Bozeman be returned.

We’ve covered the post office’s consolidation plan for over a year.

Back then, USPS removed collection boxes in Bozeman at 1 W Main Street, 311 W. Main Street, 903 College Avenue, and 424 E. Main Street.

Now Senator Tester says the decision was based on faulty research gathered at a time when the majority of students area not at Montana State University.

“It is critically important for the USPS to improve services to Montanans as it sets a course for the future. Removing collections boxes in busy areas of one of America’s fastest growing cities is not a step in the right direction. These collection boxes must be immediately replaced. Thank you for your consideration., said Tester.


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