Teen Pulls Fake Gun On USPS Worker, Tries to Steal Truck

Residents in the Skyline neighborhood are concerned for their safety after a teenager allegedly threatened a postal worker with a fake gun and tried to steal their delivery vehicle.

The robbery happened Saturday afternoon on 69th Street. The 15-year-old boy, dressed in black clothes, approached the postal worker while he was sitting in his delivery truck, according to the San Diego Police Department.

The teen pointed a gun at the worker and demanded his wallet and phone, SDPD said. When the worker said he didn’t have anything on him, the teen pulled the postal worker out of the truck and attempted to drive away but was unable to.

Instead, the teen took off on foot. SDPD said the teen then approached another man and tried to steal his phone, but was again unsucessful.

The suspect was eventually located by police and taken into custody.

No one was injured and nothing was taken but the brazen robbery attempt left one resident in the community concerned for their own safety.

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