Tampa Bay letter carriers demand more safety gear to ward off late-night delivery dangers

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. (WFLA) – Many letter carriers in Tampa Bay say they feel their lives are in danger, calling for a change. In the meantime, they said there’s an easy way you can help keep them safe.

President of Florida State Association of Letter Carriers, Al Friedman, said the coronavirus pandemic, time change and holidays are working against them. They are now having to deliver late into the night.

“I got carriers calling me from St. Pete, Clearwater, major cities, even Orlando, that are out past 9 p.m. If that happens, we gotta have those headlamps and gotta have those vests,” Friedman said.

Friedman said there are about 20,000 letter carriers in Florida and 2,000 alone in Pinellas County. Many, who Friedman said, feel their lives are in danger.

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Most rural carriers work on salary so the post office doesn’t care about u because they are making money on rural carriers there should be cut off time of seven o’clock have two carriers per route one does packages one does other mail them switch next day and if one done before other they go help each other at our office we get help but postmaster counts out amount of packages twenty packages for carriers he doesn’t like then one hundred packages for others rcas go home at one or two when they could go out and help everyone get… Read more »