Survey reveals USPS service issues with two key parcel products

Delays, longer delivery times experienced for Priority Mail, First-class packages in July-August period, Shippo data says

The U.S. Postal Service (USPS) experienced unusual increases in delivery delays and arrival times with two of its main parcel-delivery products as the summer progressed, according to a survey by a technology company that processes tens of millions of USPS parcels on its platform.

The survey, conducted by Shippo, compared service levels for USPS’ Priority Mail and First Class Package Service (FCPS) between the July-August time frame and the May-June period. It found that 17.45% more packages were delayed during the two midsummer months, and that 9.03% more parcels were taking longer to arrive. For FCPS, per-package delays increased by 31.28%, while parcels, on average, took 8.8% longer to arrive than during the May-June time frame, the survey found.

The survey canvassed “tens of millions” of parcels tracked by Shippo during the survey period, it said. Shippo is a multicarrier IT platform that helps e-commerce enterprises identify the best rate-service value for their shipments.

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The reason First Class and Priority parcels as well as Express mail are being delayed is due to the USPS directive that Amazon parcels are to be worked first. In our office we have a backlog of nearly 5000 First Class and Priority parcels. All incoming Amazon parcels are cleared daily. Why is no one investigating this?