Survey ranks USPS as top brand

The Postal Service is the most trusted brand in the nation, a new survey has found.

The poll — conducted by Morning Consult, a market research firm — focused on almost 2,000 brands. For each brand, an average of 16,700 consumers were interviewed.

The results show USPS is the top-rated brand overall, with more than 42 percent of respondents expressing significant trust in the organization.

Other brands that ranked highly include Amazon, Google, PayPal and the Weather Channel.

In her latest “Business Focus” video, Postmaster General Megan J. Brennan discusses the survey and thanks employees for their efforts to earn customers’ trust and deliver excellent service, one of the organization’s core strategies.

“More Americans trust the United States Postal Service than any other company in this country, public or private. That’s a great testament to your role supporting our customers and our business,” Brennan says.

This is the latest survey that reflects the public’s appreciation for USPS.

Last year, a Gallup poll ranked the Postal Service first among 13 government agencies in delivering excellent or good customer service, while a Pew Research Center study found more Americans have a favorable opinion of USPS than any other agency.


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Any company delivering Amazon packages at a loss seven days a week, is going to be rated highly by John Q Public….but once the tax bill comes due, the honeymoon will be over.

The management morons will pat themselves on the back for this. But the fact is , the ones responsible for this is the carriers on the rts delivering all the shit while being threatened and intimidated by management morons on a daily basis that doesn’t have a clue what it’s like to do an honest days work.

Good thing they did not take a poll, from this website, with all the negative articles about customer satisfaction.