Surveillance video shows bags of USPS mail being dumped in parking lot by Budget truck

Piles of mail were found in two separate locations in Glendale Thursday morning, including one incident where a rented truck was captured on surveillance video dumping bags of unopened letters and packages in the parking lot of a business.

The first incident was reported at 7:30 a.m., in the 1000 block of Allen Avenue, according to Glendale Police Department Sgt. Christian Hauptmann.

Roughly two hours later, police received another call regarding dumped mail, this time behind a business in the 1600 block of Glenoaks Boulevard, according to Hauptmann.

It was the second reported incident — outside 7Q Spa Laser & Aesthetics — where surveillance video captured the moment a rented truck dumped bags of unopened mail and took off.

“It happened early in the morning, 5:40, and it was a Budget rental — big truck — that backed up to the parking lot. And they’re like, slowly, one by one, they’re dropping the packages,” Lilia Serobian, one of the medical spa’s owners, told KTLA.

She said the “huge pile” contained various size of packages — all of it U.S. mail.


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Looks like either surepost or smart post labels. I’m betting it was a fedex contract driver

It is FedEx smart post. You can see the ddu labels right on the bags. I’m betting the news crew already has that Info but doesn’t update its story to let the public know it’s a FedEx contract driver and its FedEx parcels

It is not first class mail if any from the postal service
Once again all political. Someone may have gone through the trash and made it look like mail. People who have been there for. Twenty or more years know that mail is not thrown away
Why all the sudden are Democrats so concerned. maybe because it’s a election year.there worried that they are not going to be able to cheat.

Its not that they wont be able to cheat but rather democrat votes by mail will be thrown away by unscrupulous republicans and not counted on election day .

Why don’t you brush up on your grammar and also get your facts correct before you start criticizing matters that seem like they might be over your head.

Get a life…. tRump and his corruption will end come November 3

We can dream, but to be honest, the Russian, the Chinese, and the Iranians have been interfering in our election process. Russia never stopped. And we dealt with massive voter purges by the Republicans the last few elections, as well as massive voter suppression. So, it isn’t a give he will be gone.

The World has high hopes.

I agree Mr. Larson. I found it difficult to even read ” there comment. What’s with. The random. Periods and. Capital letters. ” Your” correct commenting on his grammar. He looks ” more stupider” don’t you think? I’m done. Lol. Couldn’t resist.

Kevin, you made an error by typing “there comment”, not their comment. The rest doesn’t matter. He doesn’t look stupid. He looks intelligent, and like he cares.

Is everyone who is trying to “correct” this guy going to embarrass themselves with their own grammatical mistakes? It’s “their” not “there” and you left out a comma after “I agree”.

@Dee, he is telling the truth. Reports said that the USPS leadership discussed whether they should order the employees to not deliver ballots to areas where most people, (minorities and the poor), vote for Democrats. The administration is also targeting those areas to sue to stop mail-in ballots. In some cases, they are winning. Think about that. Your choice from those states would be to go vote in person, or not at all. And that makes it difficult or impossible for the disabled and the poor. And that would include low-income areas, where there are minority voters.

Can you support this assertion with any actual facts or evidence. You sound very sure. Were you there at this meeting?

Did you want to add a question mark for punctuation?

The problem is Democrats want ballots sent out by mail to everyone whether they requested it or not knowing full well the postal carrier who has a grudge against Trump fir not giving them the full $25 billion can just trash the ballots intended for houses with Trump signs in their yard.

That’s not how that works at all. Ballots are not sent out unless you are registered to vote and request a ballot. Democrats also don’t WANT ballots sent out to everyone.

I just requested my ballot. You have to go online, make sure that you’re registered, fill out your information, download and print the request form they send you, sign it, mail it in, and wait for your actual ballot. They aren’t sent to everyone – you have to actually request them, and you only get it if you’re registered.

Oh, yes, they are sent out to every registered voter! More Americans get this benefit this year due to Covid. Only a handful of states require the request.

Not true. There have been some changes but this map lays it out pretty well.

Nope. Not true. Some states have the ask for ballots, some don’t. Oregon and some other states are all mail-in, and it works fine. THAT’S why Trump wants it stopped anywhere he can, and he puts lives in danger to do that. People shouldn’t wait in line during a pandemic, and Trump knows that. And, it makes it very difficult to vote, when Republicans have been shutting down polling places, giving people hours long wait times. Democrats don’t have any say about trashing Trump’s mail. Geez.

And sadly states like MS where the governor puts Trumps every wish over everything else has outlawed voting by mail. He opened school 8/4. Said play football 9/4. Four weeks after schools were opened we had 1000s in quarantine, 100s sick and healthy students and teachers dead, but our governor handled it. He asked the schools to not make public their case numbers and slowed testing so our numbers have greatly improved. The extremes the President has gone to sabotaging the mail service and instilling fear in the voters is criminal.

That was a rumor started. No real unsolicited ballots have been sent out.

What was stopping the carrier from doing that with REQUESTED ballots?

Are you kidding? If it’s a political STUNT, it’s all part of the Republicans and Trumps efforts to cheat, not the Dems! Trump has opened his mouth attempting to spread lies and misinformation claiming there will be voter fraud on mail in ballots! This sets up his wild claims, and he can point to this crazy stunt to support his statements about fraud. Trump is seriously behind already.

Why bring our President up? Oh I know because he is guilty of NOTHING!

How is it trump’s fault really y’all must be that dumb and that ignorant. Trump doesn’t want the mail in ballots unlike the democraps so better check facts before you call out anyone it’s y’all’s pedo Joe and suck a navahoe harris and oh I was set up Nancy because they are the ones trying to cheat get a grip

god I hope you don’t have children. Name calling is obviously condoned in your household, which leads me to infer the following: Your children are stupid and lack critical thinking skills. They often resort to name calling and hitting. You spank them, because you think it will toughen them up when really it will lead them to understand violence is always the answer, and is the only way to be heard. You are selfish and stupid and lack self awareness. You have a hard time understanding basic concepts that aren’t fed to you through the media. You refute science and… Read more »

You are just as stupid as your president! And don’t correct me on grammar tRump wanted people to go and vote because Putin would have his hand in the election again (2016) you see tRump did not win the election he cheater like he did most of life hopefully his behind and his son’s behinds will be in jail for fraud rape what ever

Trump admits what he has done because he thinks laws do not apply to him. Its really too easy to find videos of Trump talking about the extremes he has gone to and invites ignorant others to commit crimes for him. This might have been one disgruntled employee. Or someone stunt without access to usps mail-because that mail could nt be dumped-trying to get the headline to further scare people from voting by mail.

Its not because of Trump or a democrat its just lazy employees you don`t want to do their jobs , who ever that person is that dumped the mail should be fired and jailed

Trump lies every day. And he also put Louis Dejoy in charge. One of his top donors, who has no experience with USPS, and who immediately started tearing out mail boxes on the streets, and tearing out massive, expensive mail sorters to slow down the mail. He immediately changed election mail to Bulk Mail, not the normal First Class mail. That means it slows down the process, and they can toss the ballots that set too long. AND the USPS leadership discussed if they should order the employees to NOT send election material to the blue states. Do some research.… Read more »

Don’t blame the democrats, it could be the Republican, remember Trumps is the one saying mail in ballots are this and that.

Not true. The USPS under Louis DeJoy had downgraded election mail to Bulk Mail, instead of First Class, as it usually is. And that allowed them to let the mail set longer, and even be thrown away, like it is junk mail. After DeJoy was questioned, the USPS said they would change the election mail to First Class again, but there’s no way to check that out. AND, they refused to let Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz in to tour the USPS sorting facility. She was stopped by the USPS security officers. Why would that be? Because they are hiding big… Read more »

Obviously Trump supporters will do like Trump to try to create the false fear that the USPS isn’t safe for mail in votes.

My, my, you have learned the Art of the Projection from the best.

If it’s SmartPost, the USPS is ultimately responsible for delivering it and ensuring it reaches it’s destination.

Understand how the contract works before you go running your mouth.

Or “running” your fingers!

That’s a stupid comment. If it doesn’t reach the post office it can’t be delivered.
understand what you are thinking before running your mouth

They can’t be “ultimately responsible” for delivering something they never got. what an idiotic statement to make and you know it is. Why would these people have contacted the press over this? why is there not a big stink about the press being called by 7Q Spa Laser & Aesthetics over this but there was a big stink about the press being called in by the hair salon owner over Nancy Pelosi? this doesn’t even have anything to do with Trump. why is she calling the press but the other thing has Nancy Pelosi on video and you Democrats are… Read more »

Last edited 2 years ago by Mark pope

I agree….why isn’t the mail in postal containers? This isn’t a USPS driver

The giant bags clearly say United States Postal Service and Mail

Very not so. These are postal sub carriers , USPS by any other name, doing the dirty work that is seen in these “surveillance” Videos. Until excesses created by Mitch the bitch McConnells crew are brought to heel we will continue to see more of the same.

Cant sure who dumped it because surepost gets delivered to the post office by FedEx, UPS and DHL

Absolutely no mail. It is packages ment for delivery from surepost. Usps delivers the last mile.Those guys didn’t want to drop it off at the post office so it could sort and deliver. They r not usps workers.

Contracted by…the guy who wants to screw up the USPS during the election?

A well planned but of propaganda? If this is normal why haven’t police been called at previous drop offs? Wouldn’t reports of “dumped” mail further erode confidence in so called vote by mail? It’s no at all a reach, again I point out both mail “dumps” were reported to police, I’d like to know how many other times mail “dumps” in these locations have been reported.

It wouldn’t be given to police to investigate. If police were called, they would direct people to call postal inspectors or if police ascertain it involves mail, they would turn it over to postal inspectors. Whoever did this, if it was undelivered mail, would be charged in federal court. If it was delivered mail that was being dumped for whatever reason, no charges would be filed.

Isn’t stealing delivered mail a crime, I think you are mistaken about that, it would be a federal offense for mail tampering delivered or not .

It happens alot where I live in La Quinta, CA. They find post office mail dumped. We have contract mail men. We often get notices to go pick up our mail by police at station. Sometimes we don’t get notified but see local articles w pics like this. I’ve been here 6 yrs and the whole time this has been a major problem along w mail and package theft. It’s constant. I do not mail anything from my box. When mail theifs are caught they are only charged a misdemeanor and not a federal crime. It’s frustrating to say tg… Read more »

Remember we are defunding the police. Come on how are we supposed to get our Democratic story right. Call in Nadler and Schiff, they will investigate for three years.

We the People have what is called the “Right to Know” Law intact. Use it!

Why would they dump by a business, most businesses have video surveillance. Unless they wanted to be caught, they should have dumped it in a secluded area

Why would they dump it at all??? Wrong doing is not acceptable.

Exactly my thoughts!

My guess is that the post office loading dock was jammed and a contract driver was told to wait an indefinite amount of time for dock space to clear up all the while not earning money. But he needed an empty truck to keep moving on to earn money from other pick ups and drops.

Fake as hell. Either this never happened or it was staged by a Trump stooley..

Why would people loot and demolish businesses with surveillance cameras and smart phones recording? Having an Arsenio Hall moment that is making me say, hmmmmmm.

Moral of the story, don’t ship anything via FedEx

Dump DeJoy and it will stop!!!!!

This is a democratic bags of mail this is mail that was drop of in the democratic mail room and was dump without opening

i didn’t know the postal service separated democratic bags of mail from other bags!! Those bags are white and that is racist! Dumped by a man now that sexist.
Without knowing the entire story!

This is an act of propaganda and conspiracy staged by supporters of Donald Trump to substantiate the belief that the mail system is unreliable for the upcoming election! This is an example of “fake news” to quote Donald Trump and should not be considered a mere coincidence! Our freedom is at risk, please vote to remove Donald Trump as president!!

Lol, actually it also could be a set up by the Dems. Quilting pelosi.

Or somebody who just doesn’t care!

You obviously are blind and dumb….not a postal truck!

Sometimes we don’t have a choice because the company you are ordering from only uses a certain shipper!

How about you guys make sure to update this story that it was not the USPS that dumped this mail, that it was FedEx. Oh wait I guess that’s not popular to say the USPS did nothing wrong.

Last edited 2 years ago by Josh

FAKE NEWS travels quicker than TRUE NEWS!

Im missing mail from 2 years.ago .they should be locked up for doing this 17 years hard time. They will. Never do it again.

How awful!✉️️

He’s a sociopath, unfit to be president, go back to your reality T.V.

And biden doesn’t have a memory, lol. Guess trashing goes both ways.

Vote mails could be happened like that.

That’s why people are skeptical that Trump is doing his best to discredit mail-in votes. He will do anything to not be known as a loser.

Its not the Post office do not have rental its is fed ex I see this alot

USPS Mail dump in Glendale

Took an extra 10 days to get meds from the VA. Just another example how Trump. Is showing how he does not care.

Got my meds within a week of ordering

Where is Glendale?

Do you REALLY not know all that President Trump has done for the military?? .. Including the VA?? I think you know, but just wanted to spew!! You are pathetic!! And, for that you should have to use Obamacare for the rest of your life!!!

Yes–degraded it with snarky comments. That’s just one reason why so many top-brass military have endorsed Biden. The most knowledgeable officers want Trump OUT.

He’s showing how much he cares about not losing. He’s such a loser!

More like don’t use USPS or FEDEX I’d pay the extra and go UPS more reliable.

We need to boycott FedEx

This discussing, why is this happening. That truck driver need to pull time.

This is all staged! Trump paid off some thug to dump mail off so reporters can tell you mail voting isn’t safe. Screw all of you because I’m not falling for it. Russia can’t wait till you all use the voting machines so they can hack it (again) for Trumps wins. Trump voted by mail. You vote by mail!

Absentee voting is what President Trump does.

…which is 100% the same as “Voting By Mail”.

Democrats are to lazy to get off their butts and go vote, You would think with 4 years to plan an ride to the voting booths for something they think is important. Democrats make time to do every thing else. Oh I forgot they need also a driver’s license or official I.D., WOW another appointment! 2 appointments in 4 years, That’s hard to make happen. Maybe if they cry about that , They shouldn’t be voting or running for any office. Form Jack the plumber

How about I counter with REPUBS ARE too LAZY to wake up and wear their masks? LOL–you think the Dems should have planned for a pandemic messing with the election. That’s Trump-logic! Also, your facts are wrong about ID’s…figures.

Last edited 2 years ago by Jona Denz

ABSENTEE is NOT the same as vote by mail!!! AND .. Get your facts straight about FRAUDULENT MAIL IN VOTES!!! Maybe you can Google all the times it’s actually happened!! Maybe .. you should ck to see what Biden/Harris will actually do to our country while your at it!!! Oh yeah, pull your head out!!

Yes, it is. It is the same. You can look it up. I already did a lot of research months ago. The only difference COULD be that some states require you to request your ballot.

get rid of 5time draft dodger trump things will get better.

Glendale? California, Arizona? Colorado? Illinois? Idaho? Wisconsin? Washington? Utah? Missouri? New Jersey?

CA, some botox place, 7Q Spa Laser & Aesthetics, called the news over a non news story. Why? She has a Russian accent. Putin put her up to it?

theres items that I never received

Easy .. get the plate.. find truck renter .. prosecute for theft of us mail.

Absolutely. Stolen truck, stolen mail, dumped one piece at a time as they determined it was not of value to them. There’s no evidence that this was political. To suggest it was, strongly suggests that you are a paranoid conspiracy theorist. What isn’t yet reported was the sender. For all we know, it was stolen off a single shipper’s loading dock.
Or dumped by Louis DeJoy because it would have required overtime to deliver it.

That theft-for-profit theory doesn’t add up. The rash of mail dumpings has cropped up since Trump started his anti-mail-in voting campaign. He simply wants to discredit vote-by-mail.

And people wonder why mail in voting should not be allowed. This isn’t the first time mail has been found undelivered.

Yes, Newman!

And Trump will make SURE that you feel that way! Aren’t you just a little skeptical of the rash of dumped/found mail since he began his hate-the-mail-in campaign?

Where is Glendale?


Northeast Los Angeles County

Southern California.

If your voting for President Trump, please go in person to thwart the demonrats from stealing the election and screwing up our country from the IDIOTS trying to destroy it.

Except that it’s primarily Democrats who vote by mail. Why would Democrats sabotage the system that THEY primarily use, and how exactly would it help them in November to do so?

It is phony and designed to blame Trump, what else is new?

For what purpose?? We know that if people are scared-off from voting by mail they may not vote–and those folks are by far voting for Biden. Well, that’s what Trump believes. So–nix that theory of yours.

Trump-logic by a Trumpist.

I’d say it’s WAYYYYYYY more likely that TRUMP will continue to mess with the election than any Dems. By the way–nice job PROJECTING.

No doubt in my mind it is trumpladytes trying to make the president look good. They are trying to make USPS look bad. In 60 years I have never lost a package and my VA meds arrive on time.

How’s the beer at Cheers?

Fake news. Trucks such as one in video pull into usps facilities six days a week. It was NOT a postal vehicle. Independent courier. Could be Fed ex, DHL, UPS.

Stolen Budget Rental truck more likely.

Last edited 2 years ago by Jona Denz

This is total bullshit, it has Dejoy written all over it. This Moron needs to be removed from his position by Congress. You can just imagine that there were important documents and people’s medicine In the mail that was dumped. Someone needs to go to Jail for this debacle, It also has Trump’s fingerprints all over it.

Are you for real??? Lol!! Do you REALLY think Dejoy would have to go outside in some alley to “thwart the election”?? You are just too funny!!

You’re right–it has Trump-thug written all over it!

I wonder if this is why my package says delayed in transit lol

Trump will lose all fifty states

That contract driver better hope that mail is intrastate not interstate. He just committed a federal offense.

Federal offenses usually have shorter sentences.

Never ship anything you want delivered by FedEx, the worst most horrible company in America. I never have a problem mailing via USPS, but FedEx wont deliver


Everyone wants to dig dirt on Biden,over social security, If you want to really dig you find out that big business was bitching about having to pay into FICA. They never wanted to provide retirement or health care. At the end of the war all of a sudden company’s had to go back to civilian products. Money was easy to get but hard to earn. Republicans and Democrats made a deal to freeze social security in order to increase manufacture jobs and profits and meet a new demand from public. Everyone suffered when Air controllers went on strike, Regan agreed… Read more »

This should be a no-brainer for USPS Postal Police to figure out all where it all came from and who rented that van. USPS heads should roll!!

It might just be like a stamped letter which is stolen before it got dropped into a blue mailbox thus an item the USPS has not yet accepted responsibility for. Only in this case a FedEx contractor stealing FedEx packages before they were accepted by the postal service in Glendale CA.

Sounds like a setup to me.
Postal Inspectors did not comment because it was not postal employees who did it.
just because we are the end run does not mean we did it.
besides that mr reporter those were all packages there was no checks or first class mail in them.
fed ex rents those trucks out, Post Office has their own.

Another retarded journalist.