Supervisor Workload Credits—Understanding the Process

Over the past several months, the Postal Service has placed greater emphasis on supervisor workload credits (SWCs). The SWCs formula solely determines the supervisor Customer Service staffing for post offices, stations and branches. All postmasters and managers, including NAPS branch presidents, should be fully aware of how the SWCs process works. This includes understanding the rules, zone of tolerance (ZOT) and how to calculate the exact EAS supervisor staffing based on the current SWCs formula.

On a monthly basis, Postal Headquarters updates SWCs for all post offices, stations and branches in the country. The update usually is posted on the postal Blue page within the first three days of each month. This report, the “Automated SWCs,” pulls the data from USPS WebCOINS.

All postmasters and managers must ensure the data in WebCOINS is accurate; don’t assume it is. NAPS has discovered many discrepancies between the actual staffing in an office versus the data in WebCOINS. For example, a craft employee works at one post office, but their official USPS Form 50 has them assigned to another post office. The post office where the craft employee physically works will not receive credit on the SWCs worksheet for this employee.

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Supervision needs the ABC’s of being a supervisor and not overpaid secretaries.