Sunday delivery is the new standard in the USA

UPS has followed FedEx and the US Postal Service in offering seven-day delivery. Is this the new standard? What are the implications for the post? Analysis from Ian Kerr (Postal Hub Podcast) and Marek Różycki (Last Mile Experts).

UPS will start delivering packages in the USA on Sundays next year – it currently delivers and picks up packages six days a week.

Earlier this year, FedEx made a similar announcement and the US Postal Service (USPS) already delivers parcels on Sundays – mostly for Amazon. So, is Sunday delivery the new standard in the USA? So it would seem.

USPS’s role

USPS will deliver selected UPS packages to homes, probably in less dense or hard-to-reach areas, using Parcel Select (USPS’s economical ground delivery service for packages entered in bulk), which UPS calls SurePost. USPS says the arrangement is part of its strategy to expand its shipping and packages business.

The agreement between UPS and USPS is confidential, so there is no telling how much of this volume will go to USPS. “As long as USPS is the lowest cost alternative, UPS will use them to deliver to rural and low-volume areas,” says John Callan, managing director at consultancy firm Ursa Major.

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Great, now we’re giving away our services to UPS! How much more money will USPS loose before President Trump steps in to restructure these money loosing agreements made by the USPS?

You want the USPS to start breaking even again? Get rid of the Postal Rate Commission and the Board of Governors. Cut all ties to the government and let it run as a business.

The reason why we do last mile delivery now is because we go there 6 days a week anyway. On sundays we only go where amazon sends us so how is delivering ups stuff gonna be cost effective on sundays when we will have to go out of the way?