Strasburg residents: USPS letter carrier is peeling out on private road

STRASBURG, Colo. — Mail truck burnouts! That’s how USPS customers outside Strasburg describe the driving habits of their letter carrier. Neighbors say they’re becoming more and more frustrated.

“It’s been pretty consistent with him,” USPS customer Allison Harris said. “Driving very fast down the road and leaving the ruts in front of all the mailboxes.”

Harris snapped pictures of the ruts and took video of the letter carrier’s vehicle. She says that for a few months now, neighbors have had to deal with the postal worker burning rubber along their private gravel and dirt road. It’s a road that’s cared for by the seven families who live in the area just south of Interstate 70, off Highway 36.

“Between me and a couple other guys, we maintain the roads, scrape it — keep the bumps out,” Dan Green said.


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Why are we (USPS) conducting deliveries on private roads with mailboxes.? It is my understanding only county, city or state maintained roads. No private roads. That is what I was told by management when I asked for an extension.