Still waiting for packages that were mailed in December? It could be a while.

Are you still waiting for packages from early December to arrive?

You’re not alone, but be patient, postal workers warn, because it might be a while.

In U.S. Postal Service facilities in Pennsylvania and across the country, hundreds of thousands of items sent in late November and early December are sitting at the bottom of massive piles of delayed mail that continue to grow with new packages daily.

Employees at the Philadelphia Processing and Delivery Center said they are prioritizing the packages coming in now, and doing their best to scrounge up items under the mass when time allows. But as the agency continues to experience record package volumes amid the pandemic, the pile keeps growing.

“Honestly, it’s going to be at least six to eight weeks” until the backlog is cleared, said Laurence Love, a clerk craft director at the Philadelphia facility on Lindbergh Boulevard.

“All we can ask of people is to be patient and understand that the people that are working inside the facilities, inside the post offices are doing everything they can,” said Andy Kubat, president of the Lehigh Valley Area Local American Postal Workers Union.

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Maybe they should process them in order instead of stopping to do Amazon first.

They write in bold big font on the dispatch sheet first in, first out. Then the Amazon trucks rolls in and everybody ignores that sheet. But to be fair Amazon sends their large oversized stuff our way, no need hurting their own staff I guess. And there is no room in the stations to let that sit where as they can let SPRs sit.