Staffing Issues, COVID-19 Cases At Postal Service Prompt Concern About Mail-In Ballots In Chicago And Beyond

“Our facilities are not the most social distance friendly,” he said. “If it was a party in there, Governor Pritzker of Mayor Lightfoot would shut it down.”

Julion is not surprised by the latest numbers obtained by our reporting partners at Electionland, a project of the nonprofit newsroom ProPublica.
They found that nationwide, the total number of postal workers testing positive has more than tripled from about 3,100 cases in June to 9,600 in September.

More than 50,000 employees have taken time off at some point during the pandemic because they were sick, or had to quarantine or care for family members.

The union said it is reiterating the need COVID-19 precautions for workers this fall.

But that is not the only issue.

“Pre-COVID, we were understaffed,” Julion said. “You walk into a facility and you’re 5, 10 routes to start the day.

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40 routes with 18 healthy carriers to service them in my zone