Special delivery indeed — postal carrier urinates on mailbox


Public indecency: Tollis Parkway

On Sept. 3, police were dispatched to a Tollis Parkway address regarding a postal carrier who had exposed his genitals while urinating on a mailbox.

An arriving officer located the postman, who immediately said something about emptying a bottle of water. The officer found this to be curious, considering that they hadn’t yet asked him any questions about the incident.

When told about the complaint, the man denied urinating on the mailbox. He also became agitated and uncooperative.
The officer then talked to the witness, who said that while moving into her apartment unit, she was told by the landlord of an ongoing issue with the mailman peeing on a mailbox.
After seeing the incident, she approached the man, who had his penis out. She could also smell urine.
That’s when the mailman pulled out a water bottle and poured the contents over the urine. He also began yelling at the woman.
The mailman was cited for public indecency.

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