Southport woman with disability says postal service won’t move her mailbox

SOUTHPORT — A woman with mobility issues in Southport is still trying to get her mailbox moved after the post office continues to deny her request.

Kathy Karban says trying to cross Madison Avenue, a four-lane road, to get her mail is “like trying to play frogger.”

“I can’t walk fast enough to get across the street,” Karban said. “We have to drive to get the mail because obviously it’s a busy street.”

For the last two years, Karban has reached out and provided all of the proper documents to get her mailbox moved.

The U.S. Postal Service says they are familiar with the issue, but her mail carrier is considered mounted – meaning they don’t get out of their vehicles.

Karban said she is willing to pay for a mailbox and move it to the end of her driveway, but the postal service says they can move it to Brewer Drive, which is about a block away.


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She should call her congressman and get results!

Ask the city to put up a traffic signal, so she’ll have time to get across the road?

I’ve have this problem on my route. Four lane hwy (65mph) and they insist on some dumbass decided Some addresses have to put their box on the opposite side of the highway and some i have to criss cross the hwy to deliver. Inefficiency and unsafe practices at their finest. SMH

I was a City Letter Carrier 1990-2011 & now Retired USPS. The customer with disabilities used to just need a form signed by her doctor explaining her situation and the delivery was made to the door.

That’s what we always had done as well